Printable Valentines Gnome Cards

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Well, the season of love is heading our way! We love Valentine’s Crafts for Kids, and especially LOVE homemade Valentine’s Day Cards! However, sometimes, time is not on your side, or you need some simple mindfulness time in the classroom or at home.. enter.. some adorable little Printable Valentines Gnome Cards for your kids or students to color and give. Gnome DIYs rock!

valentins gnome greeting cards

Gnomes are so cute – with their big floppy hats, big gnome noses and of course gnome beards. And yes.. Gnomes are not just for Christmas! They make a great theme for Valentines’ Day tutorials too.

Today we have our printable template Gnome Cards for you to download and enjoy. Cut, color and pop it with your gifts, Valentines Day sorted!

Great Valentines Gnome Puns

Of course any self respecting Gnome Card, needs a fantastic Valenitnes Gnome Pun to suit the occassion. So. Here are some popular Gnome themed Valentine’s Day Puns:

  • A love like Gnome other
  • Be by Gnomie
  • You are my favourite Gnomie
  • Gnomies for Ever
  • Thanks for being my Gnomie
  • The is Gnome Friend better than you!
  • I will be your friend, Gnome Matter What!
  • I adore you Gnome Matter What!
  • You have my heart, Gnome Matter what!
  • There is Gnome-Body like you
  • There is Gnome One Like you
  • I love Gnome One but you!
  • Gnome One compares to you
  • You Gnome Me So Well
  • Gnome Body Loves you as much as I do!
  • To Gnome you, is to love you!
  • Gnome is where the heart is!

Gnome Valentines Cards – Supplies:

  • The printable
  • Light Cardstock is best, though of course you can “Just” use printer paper
  • Coloring pens, markers, crayons, watercolors – whatever you which to use!
  • Scissors
  • Optional: glue on sequence or additional decorations from colorful paper

These are available for a very small fee in my gumroad store. Enjoy and Thank You for your support!

Valentine Gnomes Instructions

We have three printable Valentine’s Day Cards for you to choose from:

  1. The little boy gnome sitting on a mushroom. I love the little heart envelope he is holding andthe cute littl hearts surrounding him.
  2. The Valentine’s Day Gnomes couple – a boy gnome holding hands with a gold gnome. This one also has an adorable large heart balloon to color!
  3. Finally a simple large heart in an envelope – so sweet!

These cards are best printed on light cardstock (or any card that your printer will take!).

Cut out the greeting card rectangle.

Fold in half.

And color!

Be sure to add one of the Valentine Gnome puns shared above!

We have more Valentine Gnome Craft ideas coming over the coming weeks. In the meantime however, you may want to browse our DIY Gnome Craft collection – as many of these crafts would be suitable as Valentines Gnomes too! I especially recommend the cutest little gnome bookmarks and gnome pop up greeting cards – adapt the colors to reds, pinks and purples and hey presto, you have some gorgeous Valentine Gnome crafts!

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