DIY Gnomes Crafts

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Oh my, how we ADORE gnomes! They are so cute! Those big floppy hats, squishy noses and big bushy beards.. what is not to love. And what is even better, DIY Gnome Crafts are so easy and fun to make! Perfect throughout the year, but especially as Christmas Gnomes!

DIY Gnome Crafts

Nordic/ Scandinavian Gnomes Mythology

The gnomes we love the most are the Scandinavian Gnomes or also known as Gonk Gnomes. They are a nordic mythology and are are derived from a mixture of gnomes and goblins. They are meant to be curious beings that come indoors during the colder seasons – hence popular during Fall and Christmas as decorations. They are relatively simple gnomes – as mentioned – you only need a hat, nose and bread to make one and yet they are so very cute!

Gnomes of any kind make great decorations – as mentioned, I particularly love the Christmas Gnome decorations, but I also rather adore an Autumn Gnome and a Valentines Gnome. Just play around with the colours and accessories and you have yourselves gnomes for all year round! Maybe even a cheeky Sant Gnome too!

So are you ready for a Gonk Gnomes tutorial or two? Let’s get started!

How to make gnome noses

When making gnomes, there are a number of ways you can make gnome noses. My favourite way is to use old stockings and some stuffing, as we did for this DIY Gnome.

But wooden beads are also popular and look lovely!

Some people like to use fabric circles or to crochet a nose too. We share some paper gnomes here today as well.. and of course THOSE gnome noses are made from construction paper. Easy!

How to make a gnome beard

The most popular way to make a gnome beard, is to use faux fur/ craft fur. There is no away around it, faux fur simply looks the best!! And I think if you are really serious about your DIY Gnome Crafts, it is worth investing in some faux fur. You don’t need much to make a LOT of gnomes.

Of course, if you are doing paper gnomes, then you are in luck.. as yes, paper will do the trick.. and if you are crocheting, then there are some great yarn beards you can make!

Seasonal Gnomes

It is super easy to take today’s DIY Gnomes and turn them into any “seasonal gnome”, be it a Halloween Gnome, a Thanksgiving Gnome, Christmas Gnome or even Valentine’s Gnome. All gnomes have the same features and characteristics. You simply need to vary the colours and patterns, and maybe add some holiday gnome accessories, so:

  • Halloween Gnome: use purple, orange, black colours. Add cauldrons, brooms, jack o’lanterns and black cats. Maybe even some cheey vampire teeth and horns.
  • Fall Gnome/ Thanksgiving Gnome: focus on green, red, orange and yellow. Add fall leaves, pumpkins, corn and turkeys
  • Christmas Gnome (I am sure the most popular nordic gnome!): use red, white, green and greys. Think nordic patterns and snowflakes. Add gifts, candy canes or gingerbread men as accessories. But the basic stand along gnome in the “right” holiday colors will do!
  • Valentines Gnome: use pinks, lilacs and reds. Add lots of hearts!
  • Spring Gnomes or Summer Gnomes – explore the rest of the color pallet and add spring animals as companions, as well as flowers!

Easy DIY Gnomes – crafts for kids of all ages

Paper Gnome Crafts

Let start with some super easy diy gnomes. Paper gnomes and gnome art projects!

thanksgiving gnome bookmarks
Of COURSE we had to make some cutest of cute Gnome Corner Bookmarks!

Fall Gnome Corner Bookmarks

Thanksgiving Gnome Bookmark corners – these can of course easily be designed as DIY Christmas Gnome bookmarks too. SO CUTE!

Halloween Gnomes 3d paper

Halloween Paper Cone Shelf Sitter Gnomes

We have a cute DIY Gnome with legs made from paper too! How cute are these shelf sitter gnomes? SOOOO Fun! I decided to decorate this set as our special spooky Halloween Gnome set. But you can use the basic template for all seasons.

thanksgiving card ideas

TMaking simple pop up cards for Fall is so much fun!

Pop Up Gnome Card for Thanksgiving

These Fall Gnomes, also work REALLY well as ridiculously cute Fall Gnome Pop Up Cards!

leaf gnome craft

Fall Gnome with Popsicle Sticks

Here is a cute Fall Gnome Craft for kids of all ages! I think especially toddlers and preschoolers will love this gnome craft, as you get to go for a lovely autumn walk, collect some pretty fall leaves (or use fabric leaves) and work with popsicle sticks. It is a great way to explore triangle shapes and ovals! So .. do check out this popsicle stick gnome for Fall!

triangle shape craft preschool

And of course here is the handprint Christmas Gnome version!

3d heart gnome valentines craft

3d Gnome Valentines Cards

Learn how to make these adorable 3d Heart Gnome Cards. Includes templates to help you out!!

no leg nomes
These paper Christmas Gnomes, are great as decorations or party hats!

3d Paper Cone Gnomes for Christmas with templates

3d Paper Cone Gnome for Christmas – you saw our Halloween Gnomes… here is the same craft again, as Christmas gnomes! That is how easy and versatile our printable gnome templates are.. you simply switch out the colours and the designs and add some seasonal elements. Of course, I also added some additional goodies for you – including some printable patterned paper and soem Christmas shapes!

Origami gnome santa

Easy Origami Gnome

You know that we love a bit of Easy Origami for Kids.. well we love it even more when it is CHRISTMAS origami.. and in this case.. and adorable Origami Gnome. So fun!

diy Christmas Gnome box
More 3d Gnome fun for Christmas! With these Christmas Gnome Gift Boxes

3d Gnome Gift Box from Paper Tubes

Paper? Or Card.. well let’s pop our little Toilet Roll Gnome Boxes in the “paper gnome” section. As you know, we LOVE crafting with cardboard tubes (in fact, our DIY Gnome Boxes are made from Kitchen Paper Towel rolls cut in half). They are free, they are plentiful and they are ridiculously versatile. So we take the humble Toilet Paper Roll. Paint it. Flatten it. Fill it. Twist it.. and hey presto.. an adorable DIY Gnome Gift Box (or decoration). I reckon these would be great as an Advent Calendar too!

Super fun Gnome Cards for Christmas, how make a paper chain gnome pop up card

Pop Up Gnome Cards with templates

Fun Christmas Gnome Pop Up Cards – with gnome templates! You know we LOVE pop up cards.. and there are lots of ways to make a fabulous Gnome Pop Up card. There is the method we shared with you further up on this post for our Thanksgiving Gnomes… (which of course you can easily adapt seasonally) and then there are our paper chain gnomes. Aren’t they fun?

paper christmas gnomes

Craft Stick Gnome Gift Tags and Plant Pot Holiday Decor

Season 3 of Sky Kids – Best Makes Ever! Series: Christmas Best Makes Ever! With Arty Crafty Kids! Really love how the paper folding technique here makes a fabulous gnome beard! We stuck ours onto craft sticks – so you can use these as a plant decorations, or gift decorations. So cute!

how to paint a gnome
Step by Step Painting makes painting your own Christmas Gnome super easy!

Step by Step Painting Gnomes

Step by Step Painting has the CUTEST DIY Gnome Painting Tutorial for you to check out here. Isn’t it fabulous? I know what I want to give a go this winter!!

DIY Gnome Ornaments

play with gnome hat embellishments - hearts or snowflakes

Felt Gnomes with Free Template

Check out free Christmas Gnome Ornament pattern and have a go at these super cute felt gnome ornaments. So fun!

Pom Pom Gnomes in colourful hats
Pom-pom gnome ornaments are ridiculously cute!

Pom Pom Gnome Ornaments

Lia Griffith shows that you CAN make gnome beards with out Faux Fur.. in fact.. these pom pom gnomes are just the cutest DIY Gnome Ornaments you can make! This is also example of using little wood beads for the gnome nose.

pinecones make great gnome beards
Pine cones make great gnome beards. So fun!

Pinecone Gnome Ornament

Or how about some pinecone gnome ornaments? A fun idea from Olivia O’Hern.

A lovely example of a simple Valentines Gnome

Clay Gnomes for Valentines

First Day of Home makes some air drying clay gnomes. We LOVE air drying clay and this little diy gnome is perfect. If you want your gnomes to be garden gnomes you will either need to use fired clay in a kiln or go for a polymer clay.

gnome rock painting

Rock Painting Gnomes

Rock Painting 101 has some super duper cute Gnomes you can paint too! In fact. Not just the one design… but 8 gnome designs to try out!

3d Fabric Gnome Tutorials

Fabric gnomes, or crochet gnomes or sock gnomes.. tend to be for older kids, tweens and teens.. and of course adults. So this section is probably for slightly older crafters!

christmas gnome, no knit
Avoid having to make a knitted gnome, but get the same look with these DIY Gnome Instructions using upcycled sweaters!

Upcycled Christmas Sweater Gnome

How to make a gnome without a sock?! Try our Upcycled Christmas Gnome – make and sell. This is a great gnome to make without a sock and yet with the same “sock gnome” look! Love that the sleeve of a Christmas sweater makes the perfect gnome hat – complete with trim!

cute little gnome to crochet

Free Christmas Gnome Crochet Pattern

Free Christmas Gnome Crochet Pattern – as you know my daughter LOVES to crochet, so HAD To find her a free Christmas Gnome crochet pattern to make! And this is the one we found. She made me one for Christmas already! Woohoo!

gnome gift wrap idea

Holiday Gift Gnome

How about this DIY Gnome Wine Bottle Gift? What a great alternative to the wine bottle gift bag. This is so cute!! A great idea from Living Locurto! Of course you don’t have to use these for wine bottles, but Living Locurto also popps these over M&Ms and treat jars. So fun.

diy sock gnome with legs
DIY Gnomes with legs can also be made from socks!

DIY Sock Gnome Pattern

But what about the legs, I hear you say? Here is a cute Sock Gnome DIY with legs by Simple Made Pretty! These are great shelf sitter gnomes to decorate your mantle piece of shelves with! Sock gnomes are clever in that the gnome’s body is usually a rice filled sock that is secured closed with a rubber band! No sewing needed!

how to make giant gnomes
Here is how to make a large gnome!

Giant Gnomes – Holiday Porch Decor

Not quite right.. want to know how to make a large gnome?! Ok! Living Locurto to the rescue again, with her Giant Gnome DIY tutorial here! Would these make amazing porch holiday decor? Love the wood slice noses. So clever!

Leaf Fall Gnome Wreath

Another fantastic large gnome – is this gorgeous Fall Gnome Wreath! That is the cleverest gnome beard to date! Check it out on Michelle Smith Creations!

Here are a couple of DIY Gnome Stocking Ideas

DIY Gnome Stockings
DIY Christmas Gnomes stockings for the ultimate gnome fan!

DIY Christmas Gnome Stockings

Ruffles and Rain boots really is the Gnome Queen, she even has this adorable set of Gnome Stockings for you to make. Aren’t they cute?! A hot glue gun makes this lovely Gnome Stocking “no sew”, but of course you can also grab your needle and thread. I love that there is a girl gnome and boy gnome design! The girl gnome braids are so cute!

how to make a gnome stocking

Felt DIY Gnome Stockings

Or try these DIY Gnome Stockings from All Free Sewing – I love that they use felt to make these – which is very child friendly!

So how was that for DIY Gnome craft ideas? be sure to pop back regularly on Red Ted Art, as we bring you more creative gnome DIYs over the coming months!! WE LOVE GNOMES!

christmas gnome diys