Quick Craft Post: Cardboard Box Doll’s Bed

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A quick craft post to share Pip Squeak’s doll’s bed that she will receive this Christmas. Finally, it is finished – though not sure why it took so long, it was really quick to make:

Doll's cardboard box bed

Doll's cardboard box bed

The Bed

One pretty cardboard box (this one contained the gingerbread houses that we made)

All I did was cut down the sides to give it shape and remove any branding.I cut it all “free hand”, but if you are uncertain use a cookie cutter heart for the top and draw on lines with a pencil first. If you can’t find a “pretty box”, use an ordinary one and paint it with acrylics (won’t crumble) or use wrapping paper to stick on

The Bedding

One VERY old child’s pillow, old pair of PJs, an old towel

I use the stuffing from the very very old child’s pillow to stuff the doll’s duvet and pillow – which I made out of an old pair of PJs. I then used the child”s pillow “casing” and folded an old white towel into it to make a small mattress.

Cost: £ zero. Playtime: Priceless.