Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for kids this Diwali


It is time to dust of our Diwali Crafts for Kids again and bring out some new ideas and designs for you to have a go at. We have a couple of Rangoli Crafts already.. and today we share this LOVELY Rangoli Suncatcher Craft with you.

Pretty Rangoli Craft for Preschool

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for Diwali

As the festival of lights draws nearer, let’s decorate our homes with some pretty rangolis. Of course making “proper” Rangolis is an art form in itself, but that doesn’t mean that we can get younger children engaged and started on this lovely traditional activity from India too! Traditionally you would use colored sand or rice flour to make your rangoli art. Today we are simplifying things for the kids!

Essential Rangolis are all about rangoli designs and rangoli patterns. So let’s explore these with this super simple Paper Rangli Suncatcher activity!

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher – Materials

  • Black cardstock paper
  • Colored craft paper or craft tissue paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife (for adult to make one cut)
  • Craft glue

How to make your Rangoli Suncatchers for Diwali!

Folding your black paper for for the suncatcher

The great thing is, that you don’t need a template to make this lovely suncatcher.

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for Diwali

Step -1: Determine the size of the sun-catcher and cut out a round shape from a black cardstock paper according to the determined size.

Step -2: Fold the round cardstock paper into half.

Step – 3: Fold it into half again.

Step – 4: Fold it into half for the third and last time.

Cutting your Rangoli Suncatcher shapes

This is a great time to explore different shapes with your kids.. cut triangles, squares, semi circles or any pattern you can think of!

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for Diwali
You may need to assist a little when cutting out the central shape

Step – 5: Grab a pencil and draw some simple patterns on the folded paper. Try keeping the pattern simple. I drew a zigzag border; some teardrops near the border and square shapes near the centre.

Step – 6: You can sue scissors to cut out the patterns on the outer sides.

Step – 7: To cut the inner patterns of the folded paper, use an x-acto knife.

Step – 8: As the paper is folded you’ll have to apply a little pressure to the inner pattern while cutting it out with the x-acto knife.

Decorating your Rangoli Suncatcher with tissue paper

This is agreat opportunity to explore colours and sequencing/ pattern making.

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for Diwali

Step – 9: Done cutting out the traced patterns from the folded round paper? Now unfold it.

Step – 10: Select some colored craft papers and cut them into small square pieces.

Step – 11: Stick the colored craft paper cutouts on either side of the round patterned piece. Attach all the colored craft paper pieces on any one side of the round paper.

Step – 12: Once you are done attaching the colored craft papers and all the cutout patterns are filled, attach a string to the round paper to complete the sun catcher.

Paper Rangoli Suncatcher Craft for Diwali
Look at all those pretty patterns!

You may also like this paper plate rangli – a great way for discussing geometric shapes and colors with preschoolers:

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