Easy Diwali Craft ideas for Kids – Celebrating the Festival of Light


To bring our recent celebration of Kids Diwali Ideas & Crafts together, I thought it would be great to put all our recent easy Diwali Kids Crafts in one place for you to browse.. as well as add some additional resources to inspire you this Diwali!! We will be adding more projects over time, so do check back every so often to see what’s new! Wishing you a very Happy Diwali!

What can kids make for Diwali?

We have a lovely selection of Diwali crafts for you to choose from here! The post popular kids activities for Diwali focus around the theme of light and Diyas (candles), with lots of adorable and easy lanterns and luminaries you can make. As well candle crafts. Rangoli patterns are also super popular as and a wonderful way to enagage in a mindful activity that explores symmetry and pattern making. Firework crafts are also popular – though I haven’t added too many here yet. I will update the post for you over the coming weeks. So in summary, popular craft these are:

  • Luminaries
  • Diyas (candles) / Diya lamps
  • Rangoli patterns
  • Firework crafts

What are Diwali traditions?

Diwali is often called the “Festival of Lights”, as a lot of celebrations involve big light displays and lots of colour. As with many religious festivals, Diwali traditions centre around worship services and family and friends! People are come to celebrations and with that comes delicious food and gift exchanges too. People dress in colourful celebration clothes and decorate their homes with bright lights. Fireworks are often lit. Rangoli patterns are also used to decorate the house. These patterns are made from coloured rice, sand and flowers and are only meant to be temporary.

When is Diwali and how long does Diwali last?

Diwali coincides with with the new moon in the Hindu lunar calendar and usually lasts five days. Diwali in 2021 is on the 4th November. But celebration begin on the 2nd November and last until the 6th November.

What do you say to someone celebrating Diwali?

The simplest thing is to say “Happy Diwali”!

How do you make easy crafts for Diwali?

Look no further.. here is our collection of lovely Diwali crafts, ideas and actiivties for kids!

Anything light related make great Diwali decorations. Learn how to make these easy paper lanterns for Diwali.

Have a go at these pretty paper Diya ornament decorations!

Fun with bangles. Turn your transparent bangles into gorgeous DIY Diya holders.

A super fun way to involved toddlers and preschoolers in Diwali – create the pretty Paper Plate Rangoli decorations – discuss colours, shapes and sequencing whilst you are at it. See what rangoli designs your kids come up with!

Makea beautiful Rangoli Suncatcher! Love this.

Easy DIYA Diwali Cards for Kids to make
A simple Diwali Greeting Card

A two for one craft here.. learn how to make these adorable DIYA Cards or…

… use the same free template to make a paper DIYA Garland! Love the paper quilled flame detail on these!

Get meditative with these beautiful paper quilled rangoli card or decoration. A great introduction to quilling and pattern making for kids!

How gorgeous is this LOTUS Light Candle? Easy to make and looks stunning!

We love Salt Dough – it is super easy to make and so versatile. Here is a great super simple Salt Dough Diwali candle holder!

Paper Diya for Diwali by Artsy Craftsy Mom

Diwali Firecracker Greeting Cards again by Artsy Crafty Mom!

Another lovely paper lantern by Artsy Crafty Mom

Paper Lotus Flower Tea light holder by Artsy Crafty Mom

Sweat treats with these adorable Diya Cakes by Artsy Crafty Mom

Paper Diya Garland and Paper Diya Wreaths from Putti’s World

Paper Plate Diya Craft from Urvi’s World

Hand Print Henna Art for Kids by Mums Gather

How to make coloured sand for Rangoli Patterns by Kids Crafts Room

Paper DIY Cards Made by Lakshmi 

Fun Playdough Rangoli! By Putti’s World

Hope you liked thsi collection of Diwali Crafts and wishing you wonderful Diwali celebrations!