Red Ted Art – The Book

Hooray! Finally my very own Kids Craft Book is HERE!!! Red Ted Art, Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids!!!! This has been a long time in the making (this time last year, we were drafting out what would go into the book, can you believe it?!) and it is soooo exciting to finally see it all come together.

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The book is all about getting families crafting together.

It took a year to create this kids craft book, as we had to ponder what to put in the book. I then had to go off and make everything (luckily, some things I had already made and we had kept, so I only needed to just spruce things up a little). Followed by long evenings of writing and  typing and editing…. I sent it off to 5 lovely friends, who proof read it for me (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU).

Red Ted Art in one handy and gorgeous book.

Painting a1  - Copy - Copy

Some more tidying up… and then we had 4 days worth of photo shoots with the lovely Sarah Cuttle. It was an exciting four days, learning some more tips and tricks to improve my own photography and getting some great shots of Red Ted and Pip Squeak in action!

We picked crafts to appeal to all age groups. Some to do together, some for the kids to do on their own, some FOR you kids.

The fabulous people at Square Peg, then took all the “raw materials” and turned it into this beautiful book. Just gorgeous. A few more minor edits later and the book went off to the publishing house just before Christmas.

Finally, I got my copy 3 weeks ago:


Ahem.. yes.. a little bit crazed I know… The Englishman still says that he doesn’t know who is in that photo (me me me!).

Seasonal materials a1What do I think of it? Well.. I think it is simply gorgeous. I love the format. I love the printing. I love the design. It is wonderful to see the last 3 years worth of blogging summed up in one place. Great to have such a “handy format” to browse our own craft ideas.

Making Memories.

The kids responded with “Mummy, mummy, can we make that? We haven’t made that in aaaaaaages”, “Mummy, we neeeeed to make that again”. So yes, in a crazy sort of way, we will be working our way through the book AGAIN.

Many of these crafts are what I consider to be “childhood classics” and I so want my children growing up with happy memories of making these crafts themselves! Please also state what country you are from!

So. The book is available on pre order on Amazon and is officially out on 28th March 2013.

Want to win your own copy? Visit the Kids Craft section of the blog… have a good look around and let me know either which craft you would like to give a go or better still which craft you HAVE given a go already!



1) One entry per person.

2) Open WorldWide.

3) Winner will be selected at random.

4) Competition closes on 24th March 2013 at 11pm.

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