Reindeer Bookmarks – Cute & Easy Origami for Kids

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Time for some seasonal Corner Bookmark Designs! Today, we are making a super cute and easy Reindeer Corner Bookmark!

This is one of our earlier Corner Bookmark designs, that fits neatly INSIDE the book, without an “parts sticking out”. Hope you love it as much as we do!

Adorable Reindeer Bookmarks. These are so so cute and simple to make. They nestle perfectly into your book, so don't bend or break

This corner bookmark design was first published in November 2019!

Yes I know I know, here we are again – ANOTHER corner bookmark… but what can I say?! We LOVE THEM. And they are SO EASY. And they are so SWEET. And they are ADDICTIVE.. and a great way for kids to get into Origami, as well as make small gifts for friends and family. So yes, here we are again and this time with a Christmas Bookmark idea – the Reindeer Corner Bookmark. Woohoo. Once again, it is super easy and fun to make and I hope that you like it too! I think these also make great Fall Corner Bookmark Designs and we have a whole set for you to check out!

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Reindeer Bookmarks for Christmas – materials:

  • Origami Paper (US/ UK) (affiliate links)
  • White, red and black paper scraps (or pens)
  • Black pen
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Reindeer Bookmarks for Christmas – How To:

How to make a Reindeer Bookmark for Christmas (or Fall)

Watching the Reinder Corner Bookmark video really is quick and easy.. but if you want the written guide…. keep on reading!

Begin by making your basic origami corner bookmark – we used origami paper that is brown on one side and white on the other. But just brown paper is ok too (but the ears may not contrast as well).

Once you have made the basic bookmark corner, it is time to turn it into a reindeer:

  • Fold up the inside flap to make an ear.
  • Cut out two reindeer antlers (I cut them in black, but beige would be nice too)
  • Cut out two eyes
  • Cut out a nose part and red nose
  • Glue all your items in place.

Your Rudolph Bookmark Corner is finished!

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