Easy Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Day

We haven’t brought you are Remembrance Sunday Activity in a while.. but when Mrs Bradey’s Bunch from instagram shared these Poppy Wreath for Remembrance Day based on our Poppy Suncatchers, I asked I could share them with you!

I love it when YOU guys “take” one of my crafts and turn them into all kinds of “other” fabulous!!! Mrs Bradey’s Bunch’s wreath is fabulous as it makes for a fantastic collaborative project in the classroom and a great way to commemorate Remebrance Day.

Poppy Wreath – Materials

  • Paper
  • Coloured paper cut into mosaic paper (or tissue paper) in red, black and green
  • Glue stick or glue
  • Scissors
  • Your free Poppy Template which you can find over with our Poppy Suncatchers

How to make an easy Poppy Wreath as a collaborative project

Our poppy templates are reasonably “big” (great for suncatchers), so this really will be a big wreath – making it perfect for Remembrance Sunday Activities in the classroom. OR you can reduce the size of the print out and make smaller poppies for your wreath.

Mrs. Bradey actually made the wreath for Anzac Day celebrations back in April. Of course this Poppy Wreath is suitable for Anzac Day and also Memorial Day in May. Or generally in on Remembrance Day in November. Always a good thing to “remeber” and not forget!

Print out your poppies. Mrs Bradey used 16 in this wreath, which would need 6 x the printable (3 poppies per page).

Get the children to cut out the poppies and share them out.

Cut out black, red and green paper mosaic sqaures.

Using glue stick them onto the Poppies.

Finally, bring all the paper poppies together and glue together to make a large paper wreath.

And finished. Isn’t it this Paper Poppy Wreath lovely? What a perfect way to remember our war heros!

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