Rocking Paper Plate Boat

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Paper Plate crafts are the best for preschoolers and kindergarteners. There are SO many cute things you can make. We particularly love our series of paper plate rocking crafts. Today we have a rocking Paper Plate boat – a simple craft that is super fun to interact with.

Ahhhh I do love it, when YOU the reader tag me in Instagram or better still email me with photos. Where possible, I will add them to my blogposts or put them on my Pinterest Reader’s Gallery… or on occassion.. write a new Blog Post ALL about YOUR interpretation of my craft!

So yes, today, I have the lovely Nicola from Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, who was inspired by our Paper Plate Rocking Submarines and create their very own Rocking Paper  Plate Boat or Yacht! Not just that she kindly ask the parents for permission to share these photos today! A big thank you!! This really is a lovely paper plate boat craft for preschoolers!

I love how  to you can see that these little Preschoolers (or 2 and 3yrs olds) really got stuck in with their fine motor skills – from cutting out triangles to colouring in their Paper Plate Ships! A great craft for a group enviroment. And those little Star Hole Punches? Just too sweet.. take me away on a magical journey across the sea!!! Who doesn’t love a lovely Boat Craft for kids?!

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Now.. onwards and let’s learn how to make a boat with paper plates, a sheet of paper for the sails and a mast from popsicle sticks.

Rocking Paper Plate Boat – Materials

  • per rocking boat, you will need one paper plate
  • paper for the sail (you may want to draw a triangle for the children ahead of time – use any paper – old art projects, construction paper or even origami paper)
  • crafting sticks (you can use coffee stirrers or wooden skewers with the sharp bits cut off)
  • star hole punch (optional)
  • coloring pens
  • scissors
  • tape

Get all your supplies ready on the crafting table and lets get making!

How to make Rocking Paper Plate Boat

The construction method relaly is super easy for these paper boats!

Fold your paper plates in half and decorate.. if the children wish, the “rim” of the paper plate can be the “sea” and the centre of the plate can be the “boat”… but it really doesn’t matter! It is totally up to them. The kids can also draw little fish “In the sea” or use “fish stickers” to add details (if they wish). You can really make this activity as simple or complicated as you wish.

Cut out your triangular Yacht Sail and again decorate – use pens, paint, tape and hole punches!!!! As much or as little as you like. You can also experiment with color paper, origami paper and construction paper. Just work with what you have!

Rocking Paper Plate Boats. These Paper Plate Ships are quick and easy to make and great for group crafts! Learn how to make a rocking boat! #paperplates #preschool #2and3yrsolds #boats #ship #yacht
Adding the sail t oyour paper boat is easy

Now tape your yacht craft sail to the wooden sticks… you may want to use two – one down the centre of the sail and another along the bottom of the sail to give it a little structure. You can also add a little wimple to your sail if you wish! Totally your call.

Next, you can either tape the “stem” of the sail to the back of your boat.. or you can make a small hole in the paper playe crease, feed the stick through and tape it to the inside of your board.

SNAGGING: If your boat doesn’t stay upright fully, you can add a little glue/ or rolled up tape to the inside of the paper plate halves to keep them together and really turn this into a fabulous rocking paper plate craft for kids!!!

Your Rocking Paper Plate Boat Craft is finished!

I want to make a boat craft that floats?

Unfortunately these paper boats/ paper plate yachts will not float (but they do ROCK!!). If you are lookng for some boart crafts that float, you can have a go at our Origami Boats (fantastic!) as well as these Magarine Tub Boats (complete with rubber band propellers!). Enjoy! Or maybe older kids will also enjoy this simple origami boat!

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Enjoy your paper plate boat craft for preschoolers!!!