Yarn Wrapped Cloud Rainbows & Pom Poms

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We love Yarn Crafts for Kids! There are so many wonderful things you can make with wool or yarn (not just finger knitting, though we love that too)… Today we have a gorgeously simple Yarn Wrapped Cloud Rainbows or Yarn Wrapped Cloud & Pom Poms craft. This makes a wonderful yarn wall hanging or window decoration.

Rainbow clouds from yarn
First shared in May 2020

To Make Your Yarn Wrapped Cloud- you will need

making yarn rainbows
  • cardboard
  • white paint & brushes (optional)
  • yarn in desired coloures, we used white + blues and whites + rainbow
  • facial features – googly eyes, yarn (optional)
  • pom pom maker (optional)
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • a little glue (depending on which yarn wrapped cloud you make)

Watch the instructional how to video or follow the steps below!

How to make a Yarn Wrapped Cloud

Cardboard Clouds

Take your cardboard and roughly sketch out a cloud. If easier you can use a tin or a glass to help you trace the “bubble” bit of the cloud.

Cut out your cloud. Our cardboard was quite stiff, so you may find it easier to cut it out roughly first and then cut the detail.

If you wish paint your cardboard white (or grey or blue or pink). Our cardboard had a white side already, so we could skip this step.

Cut some little “nicks” all around your cloud, to help position your yarn as you go around.

Tie a piece of yarn to the cloud and start wrapping. If you need, you can add extra slits to the cardboard as and when needed.

Yarn wrapped clouds

The lovely thing about these clouds, is that you can “yarn wrap” them as much or as little as you want.. you can cover ALL the cardboard or have it shining through. Work with the concentration span of your child and how much wool you have to spare! We like the cardboard shining through.

Once finished, tie the wool to back, snip and tuck any left overs under, so you don’t see the knots! The cloud is finished. You can add facial features at the end.

How to make your cloud pom poms

We used the smallest Pom Pom Maker in our Pom Pom Making set. However, you can make pom poms using cardboard, make pom poms with forks or finger pom poms! All our Pom Pom Making techniques are found here.

how to make a pom pom

Each pom pom should take about 5 minutes to make. We decided to make 5 pom poms in different blues. But they can all be the same or can be made in rainbow colours.. different colours. Work with what you have!

The instructional video shows you how to use the pom pom maker. Or you can follow the step by step photo instructions here (just use one colour). Make sure that you leave ONE LONG piece of yarn when knotting off the pom pom – so that you can use this piece of yarn to hang it from your cloud!

Connecting your pom poms to the yarn wrapped cloud

Pom pom clouds

Once you have all your pom poms. Arrange them below the cloud in the order you want them to hang. They can be all at different lengths. They can make a diagonal or they can be arranged as a V. We went for the V.

Take the long strand, tuck into one of the white yarn wrapped pieces of the cloud and secure with a knot. Repeat with the others.

How to make your yarn rainbow

making yarn rainbows

For the rainbow, we used some left over card and cut out a long thin rectangle, a little shorter than the cloud is wide.

Then cut approximately 60cm strands of yarn:

  • 4 reds
  • 4 oranges
  • 4 yellows
  • 4 greens
  • 4 blues
  • 4 purples

Remember.. you don’t have to have the perfect rainbow colours.. you could also just make blue strands… work with what you have.

Fold the yarn in half to make a loop at one end.

Place the loop under the thing rectangle.

Push the two lose ends through the loop and tighten. To make a simple knot!

Repeat with all the colours. Add more strand is you wish.

Trim if you wish!

Connecting your rainbow

making yarn rainbows

Add PVA glue to the top of the rainbow and stick it to the back of the rainbow. A hot glue gun will also work.

Adding facial features to your cloud wall hanging

Face yarn cloud

Finally, if you wish, add a face!

We glued on some googley eyes, a black yarn mouth and rose yarn cheeks (pink yarn “curled up).

FINALLY – you will need to find the “centre of gravity” (it will be different for each cloud) and thread through a ribbon or some more wool for hanging!

Yarn clouds

These clouds look fabulous as Yarn Wall Hangings, or as a rainbow for your window!

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