Rocking Paper Plate Chick & Egg craft for Preschoolers

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We haven’t made a rocking paper plate craft in a while! And yet they are SO CUTE and SO easy.. a lovely Easter Craft for Preschoolers. If you like our Rocking Paper Plate Lamb, you will adore todays Rocking Paper Plate Chick & Egg Craft. Low mess, great for fine motor skills and super cute!

Rocking Chicks Easy

We adore paper plate crafts – a great eco friendly material that is super versatile. These little rocking hatching chicks are so cute and so mesmerising to play with!

They make a great drawing, colouring and cutting activity. If you are working with young kids, you can help by drawing the outline and the kids can colour themselves. Then have a go at cutting together. Praciticing straight line cutting and rounded shapes.

Materials needed for your Rocking Paper Plate Chick:

  • One paper plate
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • A little sticky tape
  • Optional: butterfly, flower, bee stickers if you wish (we drew some!)

How to make a Paper Plate Chick & Egg that ROCKS!

Watch the handy video or follow the steps below!

Making these hatching chicks is super easy.

Begin by folding your paper plate in half (“nice side out”). This gives you the central line to base your hatching chick drawing on.

Draw an upside down U shape for the chicks head. It should go from the central line to the edge of the patterned part of the plate. I.e. leave 2-3 cm gap at the top.

draw the outline

Now the draw the egg – some zig zags below the chick and next to the chick above the middle line. And the round bit goes all the way following the inside of the plate and leaving the patterned edge. Can you see that the zig chick and the egg zags on either side are “ABOVE” the central line. You don’t really want to cut below it.

coloing a paper plate chick

Colour in your chick, egg and grass. Add any stickers if you wish.

cut the chick out

Cut into your paper plate at the top by making a straight line (this will be taped together again) and then cut out your shape. Try and keep the plate as “in tact” as possible, as it will give the rocking shape more stability.

tape the cut back up

Tape the initial cut made at the top shut again.

stick to support the rocking paper plate

Make a loop out some more tape. Fold the plate down and secure to the back.

rocking chick & egg craft

Done! Now watch your little egg ROCK. Isn’t it cute?

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