Room Make Over

Right, a few weeks ago, I wrote to you about my new Craft Room coming and the “loft make over” we were having in order to make more of the space that we have. Though we still have SOME tidying away of stuff to do AND at the same time, we have already managed to “untidy” all the new rooms, we are finally there! By splitting the large loft room in two, and making it into a comfortable, beautifully floored and painted living area for Red Ted and guest-room-come-office for The Englishman, we freed up some space for me to have an office, craft room and above all Craft STORAGE room.

Red Ted’s room is looking fabulous. It was amazing to watch the transformation.

I think the key to a comfortable living space for him, was a nice floor, clean de-cluttered surfaces and wall colours to match the flooring and furniture. The old floor in the loft was a really **horrible** cheap laminate floor (that the previous owner had put there of course…ha), which we kept covered up with rugs that quickly looked grubby and dusty.


First the old flooring was removed. Then we put up a new wall and door and then were ready for a nice new floor (we picked THIS FLOOR from Wickes  – for its colour, price and durability).

The builders could now start laying the new floor. When laying new flooring and continuing to do building work, it is important to protect it (see above images), so it doesn’t get scratched or dented by the machinery. We picked a medium coloured wood floor – not too dark as the rooms are small, but a nice match with the furniture we already had for the guest room and that would also work well with Red Ted’s clean white furniture.


He also chose one bright blue wall, which I think looks great against that floor (love that he still has a Teddy Bear painting in there too… the boy is growing up… but he is still a boy!!).

Doesn’t the floor look gorgeous? Lots of lovely space for Red Ted to play in, build his LEGO creations and easy to keep clean!!!!!! And no need for rugs to get grubby and messy!


Freeing up what was the Pip Squeak’s box room bedroom for an office for me – yes it is small… but it is just the ticket! A spacious desk – perfect for both laptop work AND craft (I get a good amount of light from the window), plus LOTS of storage for craft materials as well as all the things we make and I like to keep and store. Now to keep it nice and tidy!

Disclaimer: I approached Wickes to see if they would be interested in working on this project with me and they kindly agreed to supply the flooring. We are SO VERY pleased with how beautiful the flooring looks. We now want to/ need to get the whole of our “downstairs” done (boo to previous owners and horrible laminate)