Christmas Ornaments – Craft Supplies

It has been wonderful see quite how many of you have signed up to the 30 Days of Christmas Ornaments challenge! If you haven’t signed up yet – it is not too late to join in – you can SIGN UP HERE – it is TOTALLY FREE! Each day you will get an Ornament idea straight into your in box! Providing you with crafty Christmas inspiration. The ornaments can be made with a variety of age groups and many lend themselves for sale at school fundraising events!

SHARE YOUR CREATIONS!!When you get making you can share you creations via Instagram and the #Ornaments101 hashtag (look out for reposts of your work!!) or you can join our Ornaments101 Facebook Group!

PREPARE YOURSELF! Now, I totally don’t expect you to make ALL of the 30 Christmas Ornaments that we will be sharing over the coming weeks. BUT, it is always handy to be prepared as possible.. right? There will be a mixture of ornaments suitable for preschoolers, kids and grown ups. Though I think, everyone can make all them, especially if there is team work involved.

Joining in with our Ornament Challenge this Christmas? If yes, this is a complete supplies list of what you will need to *make* it happen. The supplies list incorporates many craft basics, as well as recycled materials and nature finds, so should be useful for ALL your HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS needs!!! Browse, enjoy and GET EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS!

The supplies list is a complete supplies list, and not relevant to order of crafts. I also hope that though the list looks long.. you have many of the supplies already – the basic materials list is great for all year crafting, so worth investing in! I have also complimented the crafts with recycled materials and nature finds!

Christmas Ornaments Supplies list:

(I have added affiliates links for US and UK readers in brackets. Apologies to rest of world, I am not familiar with world wide stockists! Also please note – I have only added the affiliate links for convenient – and where i could find SIMILAR items)

Basic materials

  • Good PVA Glue (US/ UK)
  • Hot Glue Gun (handy but not essential) (US/ UK)
  • Good Scissors (US/ UK)
  • Googly Eyes (US/ UK)
  • Craft Wire (for hanging)
  • Craft plyers (for cutting and bending) eg this 3 in 1 tool US/ UK
  • Assortment of 3mm-6mm ribbons (for hanging) (e.g US/ UK)
  • Wider ribbons (1-2cm) for decorating (e.g. US/ UK)
  • String (for hanging) (US/ UK)
  • Or Bakers Twine (US/ UK)
  • Acrylic paints (white, red, black, (yellow, brown – optional)) (US/ UK)
  • Yarn/ wool (in favourite colours) (or get  a pack of assorted colours – small skeins US/ UK)
  • Selection of felt (includig red, black, orange and brown + other desired colours) (US/ UK)
  • Cotton wool (UK/ US)
  • Coloured paper/ patterned paper
  • Assorted beads (optional)
  • Black, red sharpies (US/ UK)
  • Embroidery threads (US/ UK)
  • Fabric scraps (we often use old favourite clothes)

From the Kitchen

  • Baking goods (flour, sugar, butter, eggs, sprinkles of choice)
  • Salt dough ingredients
    • Flour
    • Salt (US/ UK)
  • White Clay Ingredients
    • Corn starch (US/ UK)
    • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Cookie Cutters in Assorted Shapes – we particularly like (assorted shape US/ UK)
    • hearts
    • stars
    • small gingerbread men
  • Boiled sweets – yellow or red
  • Oranges
  • Walnuts Whole (US/ UK)

Ornament Specific

  • Brown Pipecleaners (one per ornament) (US/ UK)
  • Green Pipecleaners (one per ornament) (US/ UK)
  • Assorted pipecleaner colours – rainbow if you have a set, but it is a colour preference (US/ UK)
  • Pony Beads (US/ UK)
  • Hama Beads (also knows as Melty Beads or Perler Beads) (US/ UK)
  • Craft Sticks (US/ UK)
  • Dolly Pegs (US/ UK)
  • Silver or gold foil or paper (optional) (US/ UK) (gold paper can be use for many other star and Christmas crafts, I love it!)
  • White buttons (lots – we take ours from old shirts) (US/ UK)
  • Assorted coloured buttons (optional) (select right tab US/ UK)
  • Black buttons or black felt (see links above for felt and buttons)
  • A little stuffing (but yarn scraps or cotton wool may be used)
  • Red mini pom poms or red buttons (US/ UK)
  • Wooden beads (US/UK  or a little bigger UK)
  • Electric tealights (US/ UK)
  • Crafting straw – but you can make a drinking straw or rolled newspaper version (natural UK) White US/ UK)

From the recycling box

  • Old newspapers
  • Corks (plain or champagne corks fine, though if can get the champagne corks, even better!) – you can buy them online in bulk – either straight or assorted work (US/ UK)
  • Cardboard (from your recycling bin!)
  • Old puzzles with missing pieces
  • Old stockings, denier tights
  • Old children’s cardigans
  • Children’s clothing as fabric scraps

From Nature

  • Medium pine cones (You can buy them online too – US/ UK)
  • Small pine cones or gumnuts
  • Sticks
  • Assortment nature finds – leaves, berries etc (collect these just before making)