Seaside Picture for Toddlers

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It is UK Blogging Awards time, as the “BiBs” nominations are out! Time to vote for your favourite crafty (Brit) blog…  This year, I am in crafts and outstanding categories (thank you for those of you who nominated me)… but I wanted to spend a little time introducing my fellow Craft Nominees… for me, events like the BiBs, is an opportunityt to explore and celebrate my peer group and get excited about all things crafty. So I have asked the other nominees if they would like to stop by and do a guest post for me. A chance for me AND you, to get to know them beter! So.. here I have Niki from Play & Learn Everyday sharing a cute Toddler Art projects – their Seaside Picture using real sand and shells. Lovely!

seaside picture 2

play and learn everyday logoI’m Niki and I’ve been writing a blog called Play & Learn Everyday for about 2 years now.  I worked as a nursery and primary school teacher until my little boy was born, and I’ve been a stay at home Mum ever since.  Ethan is now 2 1/2 and I have just had a baby girl called Ivy who is now 3 months old.  I am passionate about learning through play and try to find ways to teach Ethan and Ivy through the different ways that we play everyday.  I am absolutely honoured to be nominated for a BiB award amongst such fabulous craft bloggers. Find me on Play & Learn Everyday.

Seaside Picture for Toddlers

We have just got back from a lovely weekend away in Cornwall and we’re inspired to keep the seaside feeling going with lots of crafts and activities.  Today we made a seaside picture, using some of the sand and shells that we brought back from the beach.

seaside picture 1

I actually didn’t intend to bring back sand, but I thought of this idea and realised that we probably brought home enough sand on the buckets and spades, as well as on the shells and rocks that we collected to make the picture!  So first we brushed everything off to collect the sand, then we mixed the sand with PVA glue to make the base of our picture.  Then Ethan spread the sandy mixture across the bottom of a piece of blue card and glued on a few small seashells as well.

For the water I cut up small pieces of blue tissue paper to be the waves and had Ethan crumple them up and glue them onto the card.  Then we had some cute little fish stickers that Ethan stuck between the waves (and on the waves, the ones that he said were surfing!)  Ethan was very proud of his seaside picture, but I think it just made him want to go back to the beach!

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