Secret Message Printable for Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Time for another super duper cute Printable Valentine’s Day Idea! Make these Secret Message Printables to go ona Valentine’s Day Gift! Such a cute Free Printable.

Secret Heart Message Printable for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Gift Plant with a Secret Message

Hello! I am Rodrigo Macias, the Early Childhood Teacher behind Box of Ideas, a website full of inspiration for early learning activities.

I am happy to be back on Red Ted Art for the third time in their now traditional love series. Last year’s idea featured adorable cupids, the year before that was about cats and dogs, so this year I thought featuring the other type of creatures that we love caring for: Plants!

Notice that the template was originally designed to be stuck to a plant pot, but it can really be used in lots of different things that can hold any type of gifts (like boxes, jars, etc.)

Why gift a plant on Valentine’s Day?

It may sound obvious, but here goes: plants and relationships of any kind need care and attention to stay alive. Gifting a plant to someone who you care about is a good way of having a physical reminder of the need to nurture the relationship.

You could get two or more plants of the same kind and everyone that gets a plant can bring it home to look after it, just like everyone involved in any relationship has to chip in to keep it going.

What you need to make your Secret Message Hearts

Secret Message Hearts
  • The heart with a padlock template by Box of Ideas
  • Plant in a pot
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Anything to decorate your heart (felt tips, coloured pencils, etc.)
  • A tiny bit of blue tack

The secret message heart template comes in three different sizes so you can choose the one that’s right for your plant friend.

How to make a DIY gift Plant with a Secret Message

Secret Message Hearts gift decorating

Print out the heart with a padlock template.

Decorate it with the materials of your choice.

Cut out the template and fold it in half.

Write the secret message on the inside.

Stick the back part of the folded heart to the plant pot.

Use a bit of blue tack to keep the message “locked”.

That’s it! Super easy and it looks great!

Ideas of short Valentine’s Day messages that you could write in your heart:

  • Let’s be friends forever!
  • You make my days shine
  • You are my BFF
  • I’ll always be there for you
  • You can count on me
  • #friendsareforlife
  • #allIneedisyou
  • #letsshinetogether

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