Self Care Ideas

I have never been one for New Year’s resolutions! Oh no, you won’t find me making any resolutions. I feel, that if you want to change something or set goals, you can set them whatever the time of year. New Year’s resolutions always feel like you are about to set yourself up for failure!! This year, I thought I would encourage something slightly different – Self Care Ideas.

Self Care Ideas
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Please note: I will be adding to this article of the coming days/ weeks.. but it something to get you started!

I pulled together a lit of 31 Days of Self Care Ideas and Activities – Me Time Ideas are a really important part of self care. These can be started and completed whenever you wish. It is not a “challenge” to start on the 1st January (though by all means do give them a go..). It is not something you HAVE to do every day and if you don’t you failed.. no that isn’t what self care is about all. You can also have a go with your kids, and maybe add some affirmations for kids too or take a look at these self love journal prompts! A really lovely habit to get into!

Self care is about taking time. Taking the pressure OFF and about baby steps.

So, though these suggestions are loosely planned around a calendar month of 31 days.. dip in and out these suggestions as you feel you need them. Jump ahead and jump back. Do one 4 times and don’t do one at all.

You are in charge!

A rough guide to self care

Actually, there is no forumale or exact guide to self care – as everyone is unique. Each of our challenges are unqiue and our situations and circumstances are unique. We may all have different personal goals and but also personal constraints.

The suggested ideas focus on the following self care themes:

  • Your mind (play, learn)
  • Your body (exercise, food)
  • Your spirit (meditation, emotions, relection)
  • Your relationships

You may want to pick just one of these themes and run with it or you may want to dedicate a little time to each each week.


Why you need to be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself really improves well being, author Becky Goddard-Hill writes:

Researchers in the UK discovered that when we are kind to ourselves it can actually slow down our heart rates, so not only do we feel better in our minds, but our bodies feel more relaxed too. It can also switch off the body’s threat response, (its fight-or-flight mode) so we feel far less stressed or anxious!

Becky Goddard-Hill

Becky has written a lovely book all about Kindness, out in February 2021. Do check out her book and grab a copy!

Kindness is about accepting yourself they way you are and celebrating your strengths. E.g. I LOVE these quotes about introverts.

Our list of 31 Days of Self Care Ideas

I will be adding and expanding this list over time – linking to more resources to help you along the way. This is merely a list to get you started!

Self Care Ideas

PDF Printable version also available!

So our 31 Days of Self Care Ideas

  1. Write a gratitude list
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Draw or colour something
  4. Ask for help
  5. Do some form of exercise
  6. Do something nice for someone
  7. Write & prioritise a to do list
  8. Play a game
  9. Write some positive affirmations
  10. Declutter 10 items
  11. Meditate or pray
  12. Go for a nature walk
  13. Thank someone
  14. Write down how you are feeling
  15. Have a go at breathing techniques
  16. Ask someone to join you for a walk (then walk)
  17. Accept your feelings/ forgive someone
  18. Treat yourself to a take out coffee/ tea/ meal
  19. Try Yoga or stretching exercises
  20. Call or message a friend
  21. Schedule some time for “me”
  22. Share a happy memory/ thought/ photo with someone
  23. Smile at everyone you see
  24. Look at inspirational quotes
  25. Switch your phone off for a day
  26. Support a charity
  27. Spend 10 minutes outdoors listening to nature
  28. Have a duvet day
  29. Do something you love – read, bake, exercise
  30. Explore your area & look at the architecture
  31. Try something new

+ Listen to a favourite song from days gone by

Wishing you all a year full of self care and kindness.