Super Simple Advent Calendar


Can you believe that I thought of this easy advent calendar idea a year ago? But it was already December and I thought that most of you would have gotten your advent calendars sorted already… So finally, it is time to share it with you in the next “big rush” to Christmas!

This is the easiest Advent Calendar Idea that I have done to date and I love it. It is great for the “uncrafty” amongst us, or those with little time.

Materials: a set of festive paper cups (24), paper for numbers & glue, tissue paper, string for hanging and clothes pegs (I like to re-use tissue paper that comes in parcels or between clothes sent in the mail or that shops wrap fragile things in )

Basically you are hanging up 24 paper cups, filling them with small treats and stuffing a bit of recycled tissue paper on the top. If you want to “fill” it with activities for you to do during the Christmas season, check the last two year’s Virtual Advent Calendars: Advent Calendar 2011 and Advent Calendar 2012.

1) Find a space where you can  hang 24 cups – you may need to do 3 rows. Alternatively you can do one row and then update the numbers as you go along, but personally, I think it is lovely to see the WHOLE calendar all in one go, as then you have a proper “countdown” to Christmas too.

2) Hang your string

3) Clip on your paper cups with clothes pegs

4) Cut out some paper numbers and stick on

5) Fill your cups, with chocolate coins, activities to do with your kids or small gifts

6) Stuff the top with tissue paper!

DONE. Sit back. Enjoy and see the delight on your kids faces!!

Tip top tip: You don’t have to fill the WHOLE calendar in one go. You can always focus on the first 7 days and then add more as the month progresses! Just remember to do it, else the kids will open the advent calendar one day and find it empty!

Or go and visit Creative With Kids, she has a great “Keeping Christmas Cozy” printable at $4.99 which will give you lots of ideas of what to activities pop into your calendar.


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What are your favourite advent calendar ideas? Do share them in the comments!