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whipsnade zooHello hello there. A little off topic today, but I thought it would be a good idea to tell you ALL about the Tesco Club Card! Since Red Ted was born (almost 4 years ago now!), we have been using Tesco for our online food shopping – mainly because at the time, it was pretty much the only supermarket that would deliver WITHOUT plastic bags. Being a bit of an anti plastic bag girl, this sold Tescos to me (check out our recycled homemade cloth bags by charity Morsbags – much better). Also, I found that they do sell a good range of items – especially when it comes to my Christmas baking or making things with food colouring (like Homemade Fingerpaint or playdough), I really want a good selection and quality brands.

But in doing so, without realising, I added another wonderful benefit to our homelife: Club Card points. I have never been a "believer" in club card points, it always seems to take a ridiculously long time to save enough points to buy anything, but with Tescos I have been pleasantly surprised. Not only do I regurlaly receive £5 and even £10 off vouchers through the post, but I can use my Club Card points for family days out!!

Recently we wanted to go to Whipsnade Zoo – for a family of four that can be rather pricey. Use your clubcard points. £5 worth of accumulated points = a £20 Whipsnade Zoo tokens. Instead of spending nearly £60 (quite pricey in my eyes), we can use up £15 of our (free) points. It was really easy to organise – I just "bought" the Whipsnade Zoo tokens on the  Tesco Clubcard website and a few days later I had the tickets. How could I argue with that? One happy mum. The only thing to note, is to order these in good time. So if you are planning to go in 2-3 weeks time, order your tokens now. Sorted.

There are LOTS MORE Clubcard Deals like this for days out and even holidays. If you want to check them out,  visit Tesco Clubcard for more information.  It is really quite ridiculous HOW many offers there are – you can do anything – from booking swimming lessons, to visiting Alton Towers. You can visit museums and exhibitions. Or treat yourself to flowers and health spas. There really is something for EVERYONE. Rather impressive I would say.

The Tesco Clubcard reward system really is a great way to treat you and your family to things that you would otherwise miss out on. I highly recommend it.

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