Easy Paper Bag Crafts for Kids

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We love paper crafts for kids – paper is versatile, inexpensive and has relatively “low” impact on the environment. If you are recycling your paper, then even better. This is where easy Paper Bag Crafts for Kids are just the best. Recycle your paper bags from your shopping and make something fun (that can eventually be recycled again or biodegraded). Over the years we have made a few paper bag crafts you may like!

paper bag craft challenge

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paper bag craft ideas

For these Wild Things Masks you will need LARGE paper bags. We really love the Wild Things story, so these Paper Bag Monsters and Maxes were super fun to make. Masks are a great way for “reluctant” dresser uppers to dress up for Halloween as they can wear their own clothes for comfort. They can also “hide” behind the mask if they feel the need too.

Paper bag love bugs

Medium sized Paper Bags are BRILLIANT for a set of easy Love Bug Puppets. They are just the right size for your arm to slip inside for some playful fun. You can decorate paper bags in so many ways from Teddy Bears, to Foxes or these Love Bugs!

Paper Bag Stars

Did you know, through some clever glueing and paper bag magic, you can create these paper bag stars in MINUTES?! Such a clever technique, you will wonder why you didn’t make them before!

paper bag nests

This project is as much about the air drying clay birds as it is about this quick Paper Bag Nest craft! Paper bags really are perfect for making birds’ nests!

decorate paper bags for Valentines

You can also take a paper bag and decorate it for all the different seasons – e.g. take some cookie cutters and stamp them with hearts! Or at Halloween turn it into Jack O’Lantern Faces with Apple prints!

Or how about making your own paper bags from recycled comics:

comic book bags

Finally, and slightly off topic, but similar.. how about MAKING your own paper bags. Turn old comic books into paper party bags! So fun.

Do you like crafting with paper bags? What paper bag crafts have you made?

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