How to… Spin Art Fabric Painting


spin art Welcome back to this weeks tutorial: Spin Art Fabric Painting! It is a guest post by the lovely Roopa from Putti Prapancha. I know Roopa through the kids craft network and each week she comes up with more and more fun crafty ideas to do with your kids – from painting with balls on slides (simply brilliant) to teaching young children to sew. Do go and visit her site if you don’t know it! Today she shows us her clever spin art fabric painting idea!

Spin Art T-shirt

This T Shirt was painted by my 3.5yr daughter for her Dad. Isn’t this sweet? If you have made spin art with your child, I am sure you recognise the patterns here. And, If you have a Spin Art Machine or a Salad Spinner, you can make these amazing designer T Shirt for your loved ones in no time. They will make great child made Father’s Day, Birthday, Teachers, Grandpa Gifts or Gifts for any occasion!!

You’ll Need:
• Paints in the color of your choice. I used Acrylic paints, but you can use Fabric Paints and see if you like the results more.
• a T Shirt (I upcycled my husband’s old T Shirt)
• a Salad Spinner or a Spin Art Machine (I have Melissa and Doug Swirl n Spin Art which is just $8)
• cardboard or something else thin and stiff that fits in your t-shirt
• sheets of white paper
• newspaper to cover your work area
• a rolling pin

1. If your T-shirt is new, it’s a good idea to wash it.  Sometimes new shirts have a substance on them called sizing that hinders paint absorption

2. Cut out your cardboard to fit the inside of your shirt.  I used some old pizza boxes for mine. Slip the cardboard inside your shirt. This is to make sure that the paint doesn’t soak through to the other side of the shirt

Spin art t-shirts spin art t-shirt

3. Fold down the bottom of the T Shirt and sleeves, so that only the part that you need the design on is exposed. (makes it easier for little hands to know where to place the paints)

4. Cut the sheets of paper to fit into your Spin Art Machine. Mine takes 4 inch squares, you could cut whatever size you want.

5. Cover your work area with newspaper.

6. Thin your paints by adding a little bit of water, so that they spread easily, but do not make it runny.

spin art

7. Place the cut paper on your spin art machine and put drops of paint over it and give it a spin. Add more colors and spin until you are happy with the design. Picture 4

spin art

8. Then, carefully lift the paper off the machine and place it on the T Shirt where ever you like it with paint side down and press it down firmly.

spin art spin art

9. Place another sheet of clean paper over it and roll it with a rolling pin.  Lift off the paper to see the deign on your T shirt.

spin art spin art tshirt

spin art

10. Repeat the process until you have covered the area of the shirt you wish to paint.  The colors may get smudged or may appear light at places, but thats okay.

spin art tee

11. Voila and it was ready to be worn! If you use fabric paints, you need to set the colors by ironing. My daughter was so proud of the shirt she made for her appa. It looked fantastic and her Dad loved the new look of his old T Shirt !!

spin art spin art spin art flower

spin art t-shirt spin art t-shirt star spin art heart

Extension Ideas:
• You can make these on Tote bags too.
• You can cut the paper in any shape you like. Flower, heart etc
• A heart shaped with red and pink paints will look perfect for Valentines Day.
• Orange and Black colored spin art would be apt for Halloween T Shirts
• Star shaped red and blues for 4th of July!!
• They will make great child made Father’s Day, Birthday, Teachers, Grandpa Gifts or Gifts for any occasion!

Thank you  Roopa for your fabulous Spin Art Fabric Painting technique and ideas! Brilliant! Do hop over to Putti Prapancha and say hello!