Sponsored Video: A Holiday in Paradise

Oh my goodness!!! This is the coolest thing EVER.

Want a FREE 2 week FAMILY (or group of friends) holiday to a tropical island?

Want 10,000 Euros in addition?

Well… look no further. SatNav provider, TomTom, still need to map out 5 tropical islands. TomTom still needs mapping information for Fiji, St Lucia, Seychelles, Mauritius and Cape Verde.

Which would your preferred destination be?

Would go for the renowned reefs and cobalt blue waters of Fiji?  The volcanoes and posh mountains of St Lucia? Or would you go for the tropical island of Mauritius? Well known for it’s sandy lagoons and cultural diversity? Or how about the unspoiled and varied landscapes of Cape Verde? Finally, the seyshelles – home of yet more beautiful beaches, but also the giant tortoise. Decisions decisions decisions. Well the only decision you need to make today, is to apply. Afterall *someone* has to win! Why not you?

They are selecting 5 families, to visit each of the 5 islands to help map the roads. AND they are giving them an additional 10,000 Euros. Yes that is correct – a 2 week holiday for you and your family (or friends) PLUS 10,000 Euros. Most definitely a Dream Holiday in my eyes.

All you have to do, to be considered, is to go to the TomTom website and register your interest.

Just imagine.. as it continues to rain, rain, rain here in the UK… you could be off on a plane, to a beautiful island, with white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water. Relaxing in the shade of a coconut tree (whilst your other half goes off and does all the work – after all – don’t you always argue about who is better at navigating?). What more could you want?

Too good to be true? No way, Jose! You can hear all about it here:

Now go and visit  TomTom and be sure to take part!

This Article is Sponsored by TomTom