Red Ted Art, The Book

NOTE: This (hardback) book is now out of print. But I still have a small stash for sale, that I can post within the UK. Please email me on for signed copies

Also check out my easy Paper Projects book (available online, or UK readers from me…)

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We picked crafts to appeal to all age groups. Some to do together, some for the kids to do on their own, some FOR you kids. Many of the crafts are what I consider to be “childhood classics”, I want more children to making these around the world!

It makes a great gift to friends, family, teachers or carers. I challenge you not find something that you fancy making!

What some of our readers have to say….

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I have exciting news.. well some of you may know this already… in Spring 2013 I will be publishing my first “Craft Book for Kids” – aka Red Ted Art, The Book. The book will bring you about 60 crafts aimed at children of all age groups – younger children will find plenty to do with the help of a parent and older children will be challenged to sew and try out new crafts for themselves.

You will find many of your favourite and “iconic” Red Ted Art crafts (yes, of COURSE there will be Loo Rolls) in the book, as well as brand new ones (I can’t wait to see what you will think of some of our stone crafts, glove toys, as well as a cute cute cute Advent calendar).

It will be published by Square Peg, part of the Random House Group, on of the largest general book publishing companies in the UK! It has been brewing since late December.. and the planning stages seem to go on forever. But right now I am in the mids of mad crafting and scribbling away.

I have a first draft due at the end of the month (mid June) and there will be a photoshoot in July/ August (exciting!).

On a personal note, I am very excited about documenting so many activities that I have been doing with Red Ted and Pip Squeak.. that whatever happens, this book will be very special to my family and me!

Look forward to keeping you updated!

And now. To be patient. April 2013 is still quite some time away!


27th June 2012:

The FIRST BOOK DRAFT has just been submitted to my editor!! CRIKEY! What a weird feeling! 5 lovely friends reviewed it for me and helped me with typos and dodgey grammar/punctuation. So hopefully, the first draft will be ok. No doubt there will be a lot of work.

Have also been given the Photo shoot dates – 18th July is the first or 4 days! 3 weeks away, one of which we are on HOLIDAY! So I have less than 2 weeks to get all the crafts in order. CARAMBA.

The photographer looks fantastic: do check her out!