Sponsored Video: Unwrap the World

Ok, this is a post about Tom Tom and an AMAZING competition they are running (details to follow)… but first, I have to say, that I decided to take this (sponsored) post, as I thought their campaign video is simply brilliant – that alone is a reason for me to check out the competition. You know how some campaign videos simply go “viral”? The ones with flash mob dancers or clever experiments? How many of the “viral” ads do YOU know and how many do you recognise in this “not so viral” video?

I watch the guy dancing by himself at a train station and just think “gosh, he IS BRAVE, I hope they paid him well”….

Anyway.. so.. they spent “no” money on the marketing, in order to provide you with some AMAZING prizes… they are giving away no less than SIX amazing driving experiences across the world, plus thousands of smaller prizes.

To join the competition, players select a wrapped up continent and unwrap it. Once they have successfully unwrapped an entire route, they’ll be able to upload a file to explain why they should be selected to win the competition.

Use the  Redtedart_TomTom code to get extra coins when playing the game!

It could be a video, a song, a short story or even a poem! The most original and fun entry will win a trip on the unwrapped route.

There will also be thousands of other prizes to win, including TomTom navigation devices, Nike+ sport watches and gift vouchers. The competition runs until the 15th of January 2013.

This is a holiday that dreams are made of. An amazing opportunity to explore amazing countries. What is stopping you from entering? SOMEONE has to win… no?!

Want to find out more? Visit TomTom or TomTom More or join them on Facebook!

Post sponsored by TomTom