Creative Countdown Day 20: Angel Tree Topper

Woot woot we are on Day 20 of the Creative Christmas Countdown, Christmas is peak it at us from around the corner. And if like us you do not yet have an Angel Christmas Tree topper, here a wonderful Advent Activity brought to you by Mama Pea Pod. Mama Pea Pod is another established “Kid Blogger”, who brings you activities ideas for both in the home and outdoors. Making learning fun.

For those of you new to the series, the Creative Christmas Countdown is a Virtual Advent Calendar designed by Creative With Kids, Red Ted Art and 24 Kid Bloggers to make the advent period, creative and fun! Providing you alternative to chocolate or toy filled advent calendars.

We have the pleasure to feature Mama Pea Pod today.

 Do make your own Angel today!

Tip of the Day:

Art station – do you have an “art station”? Now, I know we don’t always have very much space, but personally I think it is great for children to have easy access to some crayons and paper – so they can draw or scribble whenever they want. We have pots of pens, pencils and crayons standing on our kitchen table and they can help themselves whenever they like.

I do find, that it all gets a “little boring”. So why not replace your pens one week, with some beads…. or some play dough…  or some stickers… and see what the kids do.

Freshening up the status quo is always great for creativity!


Please Creative With Kids for tomorrow’s feature of the lovely Mom 2 Two Posh Little Divas.

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