St Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher Printables

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With St Patrick’s Day crafting well on its way, we have some adorable St Patrick’s Day Cootie Catcher Printables for you. Not only are they a totally adorable design, but they come complete with a St Patrick’s Day Quiz! Craft and learn!

St Patrick's Day Quiz Cootie Catcher

To make your St Patrick’s Day Cootie Catchers you will need:

St Patrick's Day Quiz
  • The printables
  • Scissors
  • Pens for colouring and writing (optional)

We have ONE FREE version for you, as I try and keep my crafts accessible to all, whilst balancing the need for keeping this website up and running! So, you can download one version for free.. but should you want access to all 8, versions you can get these over on Teacher’s Pay Teachers! See below for what is included!

The 9 Page Pack on Teachers pay Teachers includes:

  • Printable step by step cootie catcher making instructions on one worksheet
  • Choice of 9 flag printables:
    • 1 design your own with quiz questions,
    • 1 coloring page with opportunity to write own quiz questions,
    • 3 coloring pages with quiz questions
    • 3 full color versions with quiz questions
St Patricks Day Fortune tellers

How to make your St Patrick’s Day Cootie Catchers

All cootie catchers are made the same way! You need to begin by cutting out the square templated. Make sure the design is facing DOWN on your desk and then follow the Cootie Catcher video embedded here!

Alternatively, if you want to follow some step by step Origami Fortune Teller instructions (with photos), do hop over to this dedicated post. Remember, to make sure your design faces DOWN before you begin!

Fortune teller printables for st Patrick's Day

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