Cardboard Bunny Easter Bonnet Craft

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All Easter Crafting with kids, will need some Easter Bonnet Craft Ideas at some point! Easter bonnets should be fun and inexpensive to make. And our favourite type are made from recycled materials. Today we share an adorable Cardboard Bunny Easter Bonnet Craft from our guest writer Start Creative Studio!

How to make a cardboard bunny Easter Bonnet

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Easter Bunny Crown

The thought of the Easter Bunny stopping in the carrot patch to fuel up for leaving Easter Eggs and other treats was the inspiration for this Easter Bunny Crown. It is almost entirely made of cardboard so grab a box and you are ready to make this festive crown!

To make your Bunny Easter Bonnet, you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Stapler

How to make a Bunny Easter Bonnet from Cardboard

Create it!

Begin with the cardboard carrots for your Easter Crown

Make your giant cardboard carrots

Cut out four carrot shapes from cardboard.

Paint the cardboard carrot shapes and allow to dry.

To the top of each carrot, glue green cardstock. Cut strips at the top of the cardstock and curl by wrapping a pencil around each strip.

Once dry add some stripes in a lighter orange (see images below).

Making your cardboard bunny for your hat

Making the cardboard bunny

Cut a band of cardboard and staple it into a ring shape.

On cardboard, draw the shape of a bunny, ears and tail. Cut the pieces out.

Paint the bunny pieces and allow to dry.

Glue the bunny to the crown band.

Adding the finishing touches to your cardboard bonnet

Easter bunny bonnet

Glue the carrots – two on each side of the bunny – to the crown band. Trim the carrots if you’d like them at different heights.

We added the tail last because we were still debating if we wanted to have the bunny looking forward or turned around.

Cardboard Bunny Easter Bonnet parade

We liked the idea of showing the fluffy bunny tail but feel free to customize the bunny with a cute face or holding another carrot, with a tiny hat and bow tie or however you’d like your Easter Bunny to look!

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