St Patrick’s Day Lacing Cards

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With St Patrick’s Day coming soon, we have a cute little St Patrick’s Day activity for preschoolers – some adorable DIY St Patrick’s Day Lacing Cards! You can choose from our full colour set or our colouring page set! 4 designs to choose from.

St Patrick's Day Lacing Cards
Quirky St Patrick’s Day Lacing Cards for Preschoolers!

As you know, we LOVE lacing cards here on Red Ted Art… so…

Why lacing cards?

Firstly they are fun – ok for some children they are fun. Personally, I have very early childhood memories of LOVING lacing cards.

It was one of a favorite activity in preschool. I think I love the order and colours… and the pretty “results”.

From an educational point of view, lacing cards help with:

  • Fine Motor practice/ skills,
  • Visual Motor,
  • Hand Eye Coordination,
  • Bilateral Coordination,
  • Grasping Skills
  • Introducing sewing skills

By choosing different subject lacing cards is also a fantastic way for you to add additional educational opportunities – e.g.:

  • Maths shapes
  • Colors
  • Animals
  • anything else really – space, leaves, vehicles, clothing etc

DIY Lacing Cards Supplies

When working with printable lacing cards at home, you have a two ways you can use them. Either use a laminator to cover the lacing cards to use over and over again. Laminating is great for durability, especially if you plan to repeat this activity with different student groups (and they don’t get to take them home). Or, a more eco friendly and cheaper version – would be glue your printables onto cardboard (e.g. a cereal box is a great thickness) and work with that as a lacing card basis. So you will need:

  • A laminator or recycled cardstock (or any card stock you have to hand)
  • Printable lacing cards download and printer/ printer paper
  • Scissors & glue stick (if using cardstock)
  • Coloring pencils or pens (if using coloring page printables)
  • A hole puncher or needle to pre-hole the lacing holes
  • Plastic yarn needle and a piece of yarn ot thread for kids to use – you could also use a shoelace or ribbon or any lacing string you can find, if working with hole punch holes.

The full set of printable Lacing Cards are available in my Gumroad Store OR Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s Store but we do have one for free!

I do regularly offer FULL sets of our printables for free. But they tend to only be for a limited time only. Be sure to sign up to my mailing list (in the side bar). This way, you will get an alert when the FULL freebies are available.

How to make your own lacing cards:

Making your own lacing cards is easy – whether using card stock or a laminating sheet!

  1. Print out your lacing card printables, if relevant get your toddlers or preschoolers to color them in
  2. Either laminate them or stick onto card stock – we like to stick them onto card, as it makes them more eco friendly!
  3. Cut out the shape (again, an older child can practice cutting skills)
  4. Use a hole puncher to pre punch the lacing holes. More able children may wish to give this a go too!
  5. Now your DIY lacing cards are ready for the children to use! Start lacing.

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