Kids Craft – Cork Boats

I really wanted to review some lovely books about grandparents, because today we had a lovely day at Opapa’s house (Opapa = Grandpa in Austrian). We went there to hang out whilst The Englishman studied for some exams.

We arrived, expecting, Opapa, sunshine, a sandpit and a blow up pool. We went away having Gotten Crafty unexpectedly!!!

We have no Grandparent books, but Zoe at Playing By the Book reviewed a whole bunch of fabulous sounding ones here. We have two on order and will have to wait on Mei Mei for Christmas, as it is a little more expensive.

But this is what we made:

cork boats cork boats

I recommend the catamaran configuration as the one cork configuration even with “stabalizers” toppled a little. I poked holes with the toothpicks and broke it in half to connect the corks. (Red Ted spent most of the day without clothes on, so, I am sorry, no photos of Red Ted playing with the boats or Opapa!!!)

cork boats

And then Opapa found some Christmas Stamps and Red Ted got stamping (only an Opapa gets out Christmas Stamps in July!!). We will be coming back to these stamps shortly!!

Tell Me About The Sea

Once home, we revisited an old favourite of Red Ted’s: Tell me about The Sea, by Justine Smith. We have two books in the series and also have Tell me about Baby Animals. When he was a little younger he preferred Baby Animals (which Pip Squeak adores right now aged 8mths). Now I think he prefers The Sea (2.5yrs). But they are both lovely books – nice simple images with things to “do” on every page (count, find, look), some nice shiny surfaces to touch, as well as some flaps to lift towards the end. Lovely for them. Lovely for you and a little education on the side! Tell me about The Sea has a page all about boats. Big ones and little ones. Fast ones and slow ones. Even some sailboats. Perfect.

What boats have you made with your kids?