STEAM Halloween Spinners Printables

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The spooky season is heading our way! And if like us, you like to do lots of fun spooky things in the run up to Trick or Treating (check out our Halloween Countdown calendars..), why not try these Halloween themed STEAM project: Make some STEAM Halloween Paper Spinners. The great thing about Paper Spinners, is that you can make them using string or coins – turning them into penny spinners if you prefer. Both work well and both are equally fun!

halloween paper spinner craft

As you know, we are a great fan of Paper Spinner Toys – they are fun to make and engaging to play with. We have made them previously as a “generic” penny spinner, as Emoji Spinners and as St Patrick’s Day Spinners. So now we have the Halloween Addition. They combine paper crafting, with Halloween Coloring Pages with, well, a simple science STEAM project – namely looking at optics and color theory, with maybe a little friction (pennies) or tension (string) thrown in.

This is certainly meant to be a simple fun activity though!

Supplies needed to make Halloween Spinner Toys:

  • Paper & printables
  • Card
  • String or pennies to make a penny spinner
  • Pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

The FULL Set of 9 Halloween Paper Spinners is available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store for less of the price of a coffee! These are very much your “coloring page” versions (but also include some full color ones, if you have less time). However, you can still download one full colour swirl or the basic free template are available for free on Gumroad. Enter $0 or check out or leave a small tip if you wish. This is still a great way to make this craft and getting your kids or students to design their own Halloween Penny Spinners! If you are interested, there is also a Mega Bundle of all the designs available to date.

full set of printables

DIY Paper Spinners How To:

Either watch this simple video or read the written instructions below!

Step by step paper spinner instructions

  1. Either print out two circles from the templates above OR get a small paper plate (approx 10-12cm in diamater and draw two circles).
  2. Colour in your circles any way you wish. The colours will “mix” on any concentric circles. (see video for the effect). Be bold and experiment with different designs and patterns.
  3. Cut our your circles.
  4. Stick the first circle on some cardboard (I like the cardboard from a cereal box best).
  5. Cut out the cardboard circle now.
  6. Stick the second circle on to the back.
  7. Make two small holes (approx 1cm apart, if not 8mm) on either side of the centre of the circle – the templates have markings for this.
  8. Thread string approx 40cm in length through and tie.

Halloween Penny Spinners

ALTERNATIVES: you can make a one sided penny spinner. For this you only need to decorate one full circle and stick it to your cardboard. Then cut a small slit in the centre and insert your coin. Make sure it fits tightly (i.e. cut the slit a little small and squeeze the penny in). Now use it as a spinning top!

Have a go at spinning!!

At first it is tricky to get the spin going.. but keep practicing and it will get easier. Once the spin is going, you can relax your hands a little, this will allow for the spinner to “reload in reverse” and keep going!!!! Hope you have a go at this simple STEAM activity this Halloween!

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