DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar Ideas

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My kids simply LOVE counting down the number of days to Halloween. I mean, who doesn’t love all the fun costumes, Halloween decor and of course the excitement of Halloween itself. So I thought sharing a set of DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar Ideas would be a fun way to look forward to this quirky celebration.

Making a Halloween Countdown Calendar Craft is a great way to kick the spooky season off. It doesn’t have to be very complicated or take too much creative thinking to do something fun and easy with the kids. Clearly we have taken our inspiration from the Christmas Advent Calendars – why reinvent the wheel when so many great ideas out there already!

We like to keep the countdown calendars simple, but you can of course add treats and candy to them if you wish. But obviously, there is plent of that later in the month! These are more a fun way to keep track of the days.

When to start your Halloween Countdown 2023

Now there is a good question! My kids would start in September if they gothalf a chance..As this isn’t really a tradition in the same way that the Christmas Advent Calendar is… it is really up to you and the kind of countdown you want to make. For example, a paper chain countdown, looks great with “more” paper chains (e.g. if making a witch countdown with paper chain hair) … so you may want to start your Halloween Countdown on October 1st. The paper chain countdowns with 31 days are great in classrooms too as you can involve all the children in the actual countdown each day.

Other people like to make it a spooky unlucky 13 days.. which I think is a fun way to embrace this quirky holiday season.

Or maybe you are late to the party and want to keep things simple.. so why not do a simple 7 day count down (this could work really well if you want to make a pumpkin countdown with 7 pumpkin segments)? Really, make it suit you and your needs!

DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar Ideas

So let’s get started on some fantastic Halloweenn crafts for kids!

witch countdown

Halloween Witch Countdown Calendar – Paper Chains

Makes & Takes has a fantastic and oh so simple Countdown Witch Paper Chain for you to make with the kids. Paper chain countdowns are great, as you can add as many or as little countdown days as you wish. Great for use with students in the classroom as you can easily fit enough paper chains for each child to take a turn!

Another Witch Countdown Calendar with Candy or a Joke

Oh Happy Days makes these adorable Witch’s Hat Countdown Calendars from cupcake cases! So fun. I think they are super cute and double up as a lovely Witch’s Hat Garland. Now, I have made many a Christmas Advent Calendar before.. and my patience does wear a bit thin around door 18 or 19.. so I would probably make a 13 Day countdown with this one. You can fill with some candy cane or better still a Halloween Joke or Two (I have some fun printable jokes for you here).

pumpkin countdown idea

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkin Countdown DIY

Why not keep track of the days running up to Halloween with this fun craft idea for kids. Check out Mom Always Finds Out and this great Chalkboard Pumpkin Countdown Idea. You can be in charge of updating or the kids can take turn writing the new countdown day! A fun way to decorate your porch AND countdown to Halloween.

Ghost Days Until Halloween Holder

Now this is a cute idea, using a precut wooden element from the craft store.. but of course, you can make a super lovely version of this using recycled cardboard! So I am sharing it here as inspiration and remember – you don’t need to make a purchase to have a go at this too. Hop over to Every Day Party Mag for info. This would look adorable on the mantle piece or on the kitchen counter!

Haunted House Advent Calendarets

Did you know you can actually but Halloween Advent Calendars? In the “traditional” sense, where you open a window each day? Well why not make this super simple Haunted House Advent Calendar as par Little Family Fun blog? You can simply number each door and window and voila.. you have your very own count down!

Much fun to be had making ppaer goblins with jokes and “trick” forfeits

Make a Goblin Banner with Daily Jokes

As mentioned before, Halloween Garlands make great Countdown Garlands too. You can turn them “the wrong way” and then turn one item round a day to reveal the garland. Alternatively, hang them the “correct way” and each day write a Halloween Joke on the back for some daily ghoulish fun. Well.. here is a fun and quirky Goblin Garland by Small for Big, which is a bit different but lots of fun for the kids to help make all of the goblins! You could even step it up a notch and instead of writing ONLY Halloween jokes, you could ada trick or two in the form of a forfeit! The kiddos will have lots of fun with this one!

Recycled Punch Cup Countdown Calendar

Punch Calendars are super popular during the Christmas Advent Calendar season (or even for Christmas Day!). Why not make a Halloween version too? Like this fun Pumpkin Punch Cup calendar from the CSI project!

Printable Countdown Pumpkin Calendar

Handmade Charlotte has a cute and free printable Countdown Pumpkin Calendar (maybe get the kiddos to help cut out all the candy shapes – a great bit of scissor handling skills practice!). Alternatively grab some markers and fill in the gaps in the great Halloween count down!

Printable Ghost Countdown Calendar – cute Halloween calendar!

Made with Happy has this cute cotton wool ghost advent calendar to make! How fun.

Don’t have time time to make your own Countdown Calendar?

Well.. don’t forget that Etsy is a GREAT place to support small makers and crafters and they have some gorgeous ideas for you to browse! Do hop over and take a peak at these fun Halloween Advent Calendars (affiliate link added for convenience, I earn a small commission at now cost to you, should you choose to purchase!).

Fun Activities To During your Halloween Countdown

We have a whole set of fabulous Halloween Family Activities for you to browse – all of these you can do during your Halloween Countdown – especially the MANY Halloween Crafts we have for you to choose from.. The our favourite, that we ike to do and that don’t require too much effort are:

Play Halloween Bingo/ Scavenger Hunt in the car or on a walk

A scavenger hunt is always a great activity in the Halloween countdown period and a wonderful way to enjoy your neighbourhood’s Halloween Decorations. Keep it simple with a Scavenger Hunt Printable (two free versions available) or make our Halloween Cootie Catchers (which you can also use indoors).

Window Letter Hunt for Halloween

Organise a Halloween Window Letter Hunt (with prizes!)

This is a fun countdown activity to involve the kids AND the local community. Create a “word scramble”, by assigning letters to different neighbours. Grab the free printable Halloween Window Letter Hunt here.

Medium boo box

Boo Your Neighbours

Another lovely communiy orientated activity for the season of candy and treats, is of course Boo Your Neighbours. A lovely way to show kindness and pay it forward!

Top Halloween Crafts of All Time

Need more Halloween Fun? Check out our Top 10 Halloween Crafts for Kids:

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