Superhero Crafts – Notebook

superhero craft

Well, as you know… we are very excited about the free Kodak Avengers printables  available out there.. we have already had a great session with little friends printing out lots of masks and then again making some superhero puppets as a playdate activity.

UPDATE: since this post was first written, Kodak has taken the printables down from their site. I still have a copy that I used to make my notes books – you can download them here: Avenger’s Notebook Printables

This week I decided to get crafty and decorate some little notebooks for Red Ted. As you may know, he started school for the VERY FIRST time this year and in Austria, new school starters get a Schultuete. As we live in the UK I made him a Schultute (see the Schultuete How To) and now had to fill it with goodies.

The idea is you fill it with sweets and stationary. We went all superhero on the stationary – Red Ted got a new Spiderman pencil case and a Spiderman water bottle. I then thought that the Kodak printables would be fabulous addition to his pack. They were so easy to make and I kid you not – a HUGE hit. The notebooks + a 10 coloured biro were his favourite items and he was using them both every day for a week. Result.


Materials: inexpensive notebooks (I found 4 for £1 in poundland), Kodak Avengers Printables, scissors and decoupage glue (I used mod podge)

superhero crafts

1) Print your superheros and some name tags (they make for a good place for you child to add their name to the book)

superhero craft

2) Cut out. Add decoupage glue to the underneath.

superhero craft

3) Place on notebook and press firmly down. Then add another layer on top to give it a nice seal. Whilst drying, gently poke down any “ends that curl” up with a pair of scissors or similar.

superhero craft

4) Add the name tag on the inside and done.
Simple, no?

What superhero crafts do you like best? Check out some wonderful Walkie Talkies over at the Alexander Residence!


I am an ambassador for the BritMums #superherocrafts project, sponsored by Kodak. I was paid for this post.