Superhero Party – a Super Birthday!

Well, well, well… Red Ted’s Superhero birthday party was OVER TWO MONTHS ago. Argh. And only NOW am I finally getting around to documenting it all. Because, surely, a superhero party is worth sharing?! I have shared bits and pieces a long the way, but now it is time for all of it brought together in one place!

So. We started with out superhero party invites.

Superhero Party We kept them simple, as I wanted Red Ted to help me make them!

Next, I planned the party activities.. we would need prizes… so we made superhero lollipops from Zakka Life. She has some generic superhero lolly templates for you to download. I amended them slightly to include batman and superman logos!

Superhero Lollipops - Copy

Next, I had to sort some superhero cupcakes – we printed some simple images and stuck them on toothpicks:

Superhero Cupcake Toppers - Spiderman

Red Ted of course would need a Superhero Cake. So I decided to make life easy…

Superhero Cake

Hehehe, yes a bit of a cop out, but it went down a TREAT! And that is all that matters!

Next, I would need some wrapping paper – I found some images on the internet and printed them off, cut them out and stuck them on plain paper, same principle as with the Hello Kitty Wrapping Paper. We had spiderman and superman in varying sizes:

Superhero wrapping paper

Next… we would need some Superhero Bunting:

  Superhero Bunting

Bunting is sooooo hard to photograph, isn’t it?! But I do hope this give you a taste for it. I made it super simply – by printing out this Superhero Bunting template that I created, cutting, folding, and sticking on a bit of string. I won’t last for ever, but it is great for a party!

I quickly decorated some balloons with a marker pen:

superhero decorations

At the party itself… we made Superhero Masks (check the full Superhero Masks for templates and instructions):

Superhero mask activity

You COULD make these little superhero puppets if you wish – a bit of cutting and sticking, we didn’t have time:

superhero puppets

Played traditional party games… and made up new ones with our ping pong superheros (including, superhero ping pong ball spoon race):

superhero party games

We opted for NO superhero party bags, but a proper small toy, that the kids would keep and hopefully enjoy playing with. They went down really well!

If we HAD made party bags.. I would have considered some of these superhero note books, I made some for Red Ted a while back and they are treasured possessions!

superhero craft

As well some superhero juggling balls (you could make these as a party craft too!).

balloon rice juggling

And finished. Superhero Party sorted!

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