DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas – Stamping


Child made gift paperWe haven’t shared many DIY Wrapping Paper ideas in the last few weeks (things have been sooo busy with our new Video Series), but we still have been making MORE! So now there is an opportunity to share another simple DIY Gift Wrap idea with you: get the kids stamping away in whatever way they want and then use the result. Simples. The kids were busy for a good 20 minutes and hugely enjoyed the process. Then were very proud to see the gift wrapped in THEIR paper. Perfect all around. This makes for a good process orientated “Art with Kids” session too.

Instead of printing, the kids can of course “just go wild”  – they can draw, they can colour, they can stick. They can hand or foot print… to their hearts desire. The result will be fun and colourful!

So, all you need is a roll of white paper. And a set of stamps – we have a mixture  of easy DIY stamps and store bought ones. Then let the kids go wild.

Gift paper for kids to make

For “neat” stamping ideas, we have Fairies made with heart stamps and a geometric pattern using the ink pad.

There are many ways you can make your own gift wrap – that is fun and inexpensive too! Do check out our ideas and see if you can find inspiration. The kids love helping and I do think the paper looks great and is usually very appreciated! It is fun to get the kids involved, you can use recycled paper as a basis and therefore makes for much more environmentally friendly wrapping too!