Surprise Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids

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Time for some Halloween Printable FUN! I have a set of FANTASTIC Halloween Coloring Pages for you – not only are they super cute Halloween Designs, but they are interactive SURPRISE HALLOWEEN Coloring Pages that can be folded and “pop up” to show a surprise design. I have 12 Halloween Design Printables for you today PLUS 2 Pumpkin Coloring Pages for kids to design their own “surprises”.

Expandable Halloween Coloring Pages

Expandable Halloween Coloring Pages

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Supplies needed for your Halloween Surprise Cards:

  • Printer paper and paper
  • Marker pens, crayons, watercolors – whatever you wish!
  • Scissors if using the “Half cards”

There are three versions of these printables available – Your FREEBIE Mummy Pop Up, Your Design Your Own Pumpkins (x2) and a full 20 page printable, which includes the 12 designs, 2 Design Your Own Pumpkins and the 12 designs on half pages (saves paper and can also be used to post in an envelop if sending as a Greeting Card).

full set of printables

Full Size Halloween Coloring Page

As mentioned, we have included two different sizes to allow for different uses! The full large Halloween Coloring Pages are great for some seasonal fun – at home or in the classroom. Students and make these during some mindfulness time, downtime, during a story telling session or simply as a lesson plan filler.

Half Size Halloween Coloring Page / Greeting Card

The half sizes are ideal for posting – they are smaller and therefore easier to fit in an evelope! So these would also work really well as cute expandable Halloween Greeting Cards!

12 set halloween coloring pages

The full sets contains the following designs

  1. 2 x Empty Pumpkins to design your own
  2. Ghost Coloring Page
  3. Scarecrow Coloring Page
  4. Death Coloring Page
  5. Vampire Coloring Page
  6. Skeleton Coloring Page
  7. Zombie Coloring Page
  8. Witch & Cauldron Coloring Page
  9. Jack O’Lantern Coloring Page
  10. Frankenstein Coloring Page
  11. Voodoo Doll COloring Page
  12. Bat Coloring Page and of course…
  13. Mummy Coloring Page (our freebie!)

I hope that I have given you plenty of choice with the different designs and sizes! Have fun coloring and have a very fun and spooky Halloween!

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