The Four Seasons – Spring Craft

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Sooo. Some of you may know, that we now have a tradition of exploring The Four Seasons through an art project every year. This year’s seasons focuses on NATURE. We started the seasons a Winter picture made from sticks. Today’s focus is on the blossoming trees.

UPDATED: And we have our pretty Summer Four Season Trees here!

Four Seasons - Spring Nature Art

If you feel inspired, here are our previous years four seasons projects.

The four seasons in our first year, were made with Bubble Wrap and Finger prints.

four seasons

Bubble wrap four seasons

The four seasons in our second year, focused on colours. We made easy “stained glass windows”.

seasons finished

Stained Glass four seasons

For Winter, we used sticks. For Spring, we wanted to look at blossom and new leaves shooting.

Clearly, I don’t want our Art to actually do any damage to our environment, I am not madly keen on picking lots of flowers (other than those deemed as weeds) or blossoms and young leaves, that the tree still “needs”. Not just that, but if we picked blossom and stuck them straight on a sheet, they may just wilt.

By chance, we had some dried petals – from a bunch of flowers I had received a couple of weeks earlier. I thought the dried flower petals would be perfect. And there were plenty of pink ones among them.

Exploring Spring

For the leaves, I let the kids pick some from our hedge – our hedge won’t suffer from it and we are not depriving the tree of new shoots!

Four Seasons - Spring Nature Craft

And then we made some more stick trees and decorated with the dried flowers and leaves.

Four Seasons - Spring Nature Art

I think they turned out soooo pretty! Even The Englishman piped up and commented on the fact that they are “quite effective”. Thanks dear. And with the dried blossom, I hope they will last!

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