The Senso Balneo Centre

Well… not only did we have a lovely family holiday at Les Alicourts, thanks to Alfresco Holidays, but this tired Mummy also got treated to a session at the fabulous The Senso Balneo Centre – a fabulously refurbished spa!  What a very great addition to your traditional French campsite resort – yes, there is plenty for the kids to do.. as well as golf and fishing for the dad’s (and of course mums who like golf and fishing…) and now there is a beautifully furbished spa – to give Mum some precious peace, calm and recharge time.

Decked out with a Jacuzzi, Turkish baths and Sauna – you can either retreat to this child free zone (there are certain times of the day when children are welcomed) or you can go a step further and treat yourself to some pampering.

I had a GORGEOUS session in the float tank – a session that begins with a gentle footbath, followed by a soak in a granite tub (all the way from Bali)  whilst you receive an arm, neck and head massage. Finished off with a steam cup of herbal tea. Perfect for my “blogger hands” that are always typing away at the computer. Perfect for that stiff blogger neck – stooped in a bad posture over the PC that is tucked away in the kitchen corner, so that I can “blog” and watch the kids at the same time. Perfect for that ever whirring blogger mind (can you believe it? I saw the Spa flip flops and thought  – ooh a craft I can do with the kids)…  does the blogger ever stop and switch off and rest? Or are we alays scheming and planning? Well.. I did finally get to switch off and relax properly during this treatment!

The floatation bath sure started the relaxation magic, which was then completed by a 25min body massage.

Fabulous. Relaxing. Calm.

What a great way to recharge your batteries from blogging life, but also from your holidays. Holidays are great, but a little break is too

(and great to have the pools for use with the kids on those slightly overcast days when the outdoor pool is a little chilly or when you just fancy a break from “the usual”).

Disclaimer: Alfresco Holidays sent my family and me on this holiday in return for a write up on Red Ted Art