Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn for Preschoolers

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This really has been a year full of wonderful DIY Unicorn Craft Ideas. As we continue with the Unicorn Craft theme, we actually come to our THIRD Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn!!!

Many moons ago, we had the Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn PUPPET. Then a couple  of weeks ago, we had the Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn GIFT BOX.. And now we have a simple Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn for Preschoolers! Who would have thought – one craft material, one unicorn theme and yet THREE fabulous recycled unicorn crafts. Woohoo!

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn for Preschool. From one toilet paper roll and one unicorn craft theme, to 3 different Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn crafts #unicorns #toiletpaperoll #toiletroll #recycling #preschool
First shared in June 2018

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorns – Materials

  • Paper (or paint)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Pink Paint
  • Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Gold Glitter Foam Sheet
  • Rainbow Yarn

 How to make Toilet Paper Roll Unicorns with Preschoolers

Prepare the Toilet Paper Roll

Measure strips of paper long enough and wide enough for your toilet paper tube and then cut to size.

Wrap the paper around the toilet paper tube and secure with glue.

Making the Unicorn Mane and Tail

Put 4 fingers together and then wrap yarn around them over and over until you have a thick “circle” of yarn.

Gently pull the yarn off your fingers. Tie the yarn up in the middle with another piece of yarn.

Cut the circle of yarn on the opposite side of the tied up portion.

You will have yarn of equal length on each side of the tied portion. Tie the yarn again on one side to secure and then cut the yarn into 2 pieces. One will be shorter than the other.

Glue the smaller chunk of yarn inside the top of the toilet paper tube, leaving some of it hang out and over the toilet paper tube.

Glue the larger chunk of yard on the middle of the toilet paper tube in the back. This is the unicorn’s tail.

Trim up the unicorn’s hair however you’d like.

Adding the horn and facial features

Cut a horn from gold glitter foam and glue on top of the yarn hair.

Cut ears from cardstock, pinch and the secure with a bit of glue.

Glue the ears on top of the yarn hair. Dig the bottom of the ears into the hair so you don’t see any icky parts.

Draw eyes onto the toilet paper tubes with black marker.

Dip your finger into pink paint and give your unicorn some rosy cheeks.

Your toilet paper tube unicorn is finished!

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