Easy Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

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We love all Easy Kids Crafts all year round. Today, we have had much fun bringing together some Easy Paper Plate Halloween Crafts to inspire your October Crafting! Many are great as stand alone crafts, but I also think they work really well as Halloween Decor too (maybe even use them as a Halloween Door Decoration? Especially the flying ghost and spooky skeleton crafts!). Here we go…

Halloween paper plate crafts
Halloween Paper Plate Crafts are so much fun and so easy!

To make the majority of these Halloween Paper Plate Crafts, you will need the following supplies:

  • A white paper plate
  • Paints in the relevant colours – black, green, purple or orange
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • pieces of construction paper – e.g. black construction paper or white construction paper
  • Maybe the odd googly eyes (though I encourage you to cut your own from white paper)
  • Black marker

Now let’s take a look at these easy projects and have a go at these fun crafts for kids of all ages this October!!

Paper Plate Frankenstein Purse for Preschoolers

paper plate frankenstein
Frankenstein is so fun to craft!

Make our Paper Plate Frankenstein bags – the perfect Halloween Accessory for kids to make… Frankenstein is looking a little sad at being called a Monster! Because of cause he isn’t… (well Frankenstein was the scientist anyway.. but you know what I mean, ha!). I think the kids will have so much fun making these purses, as well as wearing them out as a fun accessory!

3d Paper Plate Halloween Mask – Frankenstein

paper plate frankenstein mask
Frankenstein DIYs are fun and quirky

Turn a paper plate into a 3d Frankenstein Mask (free printable template provided to help you make the right cuts). Love the details such the cork bolts and the additional scars.

Paper Plate Pumpkin String Art

Here is a great take on String Art and making it accessible to small hands too.. make a Paper Plate Pumpkin String Art!

Halloween Paper Plate Crafts – LANTERNS

Paper Plate Halloween Lanterns – use this clever “tracing” technique to make fabulous lanterns, even with the most reluctant “little artists”. Or draw free hand and let that creativity flow!! Use baking paper or tracing paper to create fun paper plate silhouettes for the light to shine through.

Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern Wreath with Apple Prints

Jack O'Lantern Wreath Kids
Jack O’Lantern Crafts for KIds are always popular!

Paper Plate Pumpkin Wreath – I love this twist on the childhood classic of printing with apples. Apples make the perfect pumpkin print too! All you need to do is decorate them with cute Jack O’Lantern faces. A black marker will do the trick to add those final details. More fantastic Jack O’Lantern Tutorials here!

Easy Paper Plate Pumpkin Purse

black cat and pumpkin
Make Pumpkin Crafts with Kids this October

Paper Plate Jack O’Lantern – such a cute Jack O’Lantern for you to try! Similar to our Frankenstein purse, this paper plate pumpkin is nice and easy to make. We used black construction paper for the features, but a black marker will work just well. Just be warned.. the kitten may try and steal your Halloween candy….

Paper Plate Ghost Wall Decoration

Paper plate ghost by Crafts by Amanda – a cute way to decorate the kids craft room or bedromo, is with these spooky paper ghost. They would make a great Halloween door decorations – especially love the streamers attached by mom! So cute.

Paper Plate Witch Art Project

paper plate witch

Paper plate witch by Arty Crafty Kids – love the mix of different materials and textures of the witche’s purple yarn hair and glitter nose. Making this a lovely sensory activity too!

Paper Plate Witches Hat you can wear

paper plate witches hat

Paper plate witch hat by Cutesy Crafts – though this is made using a store bought paper hat for the middle.. you can EASILY combine two paper plates to make this fabulous paper plate witchs hat. This paper plate Elf hat shows you how EASY it is to make your own cone hat. One one paper plate makes two cones.

Paper Plate Vampire Tutorial

Paper plate vampire craft by Artsy Momma

Paper Plate Candy Corn Banner

paper plate candy corn

Settle down for a crafty morning of making paper plate candy corn! Then string it all up and make this paper plate candy corn garland (so cute) by the Gracious Wife! So sweet! Love it. Would be lovely as a Halloween Door decoration too. All you need is your paper plate, some orange and yellow paint and off you go…

Paper Plate Spider Weaving

paper plate spider
Who knew that Spider Crafts could be so cute!

Paper plate spider craft (love the spider web) by First Pallette – paper plate weaving is a great activity for younger kids (well kids of all ages to be fair) and wonderful for those fine motor skills. So this is an adorable little spider craft for Halloween. Love the pom pom spider with pipe cleaners as legs in the middle. Too cute. Really love the choice of the purple base too. Always good to mix up the colours of your Halloween projects and not just stick to black and orange!

Paper Plate Cat Decoration

Paper plate black cat by Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Skeleton Mobile – Halloween Door Decor

Finally, if you are feeling ambitious, how about this cool paper plate skeleon by 36th Avenue?

More Halloween Craft Inspiration for Preschoolers & Kids

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