Space TP Roll Binoculars with Curious George

We do love a cheeky Curious George story – whether it is the book or cartoon, Curious George always puts a smile on our face. I love that with George we are encouraged to explore science and maths and always to discover the world around us! We were excited about the news that you can now stream all 9 seasons of Curious George only on Hulu (you can get a free 1 month trial on here, for a limited time)!! So we thought we would get crafty to celebrate the day! And what better way than to make our very own set of TP Roll Binoculars… then we can go out and see what we can discover and have our very own Curious George adventures! We decided to take Curious George to SPACE! But we have shared a sheet of different Curious George designs and you can pick a theme you like – or use all of them!

This post is written in partnership with Hulu!

Space TP Roll Binoculars. We are ready to explore!

To make your Curious George TP Roll Binoculars you will need:

TP Roll Binoculars - materials

  • 2 TP Rolls or a Kitchen Towel Roll cut in half
  • Paint
  • Things to decorate with – e.g. tape, ribbons, stickers – but you can cut out details too or paint them on!
  • Your Curious George Printable
  • Ribbon or string or wool for hanging around your neck

How to make your Curious George TP Roll Binoculars:

DIY Binocular Craft for Kids

1. Paint your TP Roll in the desired colours. We went for dark blue/ black to represent the sky. But if you are doing a different Curious George – e.g. Curious George swinging, you do greens and make it a jungle theme?

TP Roll Binoculars - such a fun and easy craft for kids to make on a rainy day

2. Once dry you can start decorating your TP Rolls. We first added some decorative tape to the tops and bottoms.

3. Then staple or glue the two TP Rolls together (we glued ours as our stapler ran out of staples!).

TP Roll Binoculars - these are our special set ready for exploring SPACE with curious george

4. Then we cut out Curious George…

TP Roll Binoculars - these are our special set ready for exploring SPACE!

…and stuck him on. Finally we added some decorative star stickers. You can also paint the stars on if you don’t have any stickers (you can do dots like a milky way, or maybe you have a gold pen to draw them on with.. or cut out stars from paper).

Space TP Roll Binoculars - we are ready to explore!

5. Finally staple on some straps (again we glue ours in place, you can staple them or make a small whole and tie them on) and go play and discover!!


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And now we have finished crafting.. sit back and enjoy this lovely Curious George Trailer!

This post is written in partnership with Hulu!