TP Roll DIY Cat Toy

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Now here is a little TP Roll Craft for Cat Lovers.. actually… this little Cat Toy Craft is also nice for hamsters and guinea pigs that like to play. It is super quick and easy to make and will provide hours of fun for your furry friend.

Please note: after sharing this Cat Toy How To video on YouTube (see below) one or two people expressed concern about the use of staples. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT, PLEASE USE GLUE or a NEEDLE AND THREAD instead. Our staples have remained secure and we have not had a problem…..

DIY Cat Toy - Make a quick toy for your pet from TP Rolls

TP Roll DIY Cat Toy Materials:

  • 1 TP Roll
  • Scissors
  • Stapler – or as noted above glue or needle and thread

TP Roll DIY Cat Toy:

TP Roll Cat Toy

Depending on the thickness you want – cut 3-4 strips off your TP Roll. If they are thicker you may well not need ANY gluing or stapling.

DIY Cat Toy - super quick and easy

Arrange three of the loops and secure in place with glue or stapler.

Crafts for Pets - Cat Toy DIY

Turn, add the fourth TP Roll loop and secure in place – your DIY Cat Toy is already finished

Simple Cat Toy DIY

The thicker TP Roll Cat Toy shown here didn’t need any glue or staples. You can add a little bell for fun.

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