Melty Bead Suncatchers, Bubble Wands and an Artful Year


We have a two for one craft for you today.. our first are wonderful Beaded Bubble Wands, which work BRILLIANTLY with our Homemade Bubble Recipe (great for GIANT Bubbles too). The seconded are beautiful beaded suncatchers….

I am delighted today, to talk about and share a VERY LOVELY book with you today – it is a book by fellow blogger and friend Jean Van’T Hul – The Artful Year. It is her second (!) book that she has brought out and if you are familiar with the first and her website, you will know that all three are utterly delightful and “must have” reads for you and your family!


CVR The Artful Year_Roost Books

The Artful year focuses on the key seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – I think it is a wonderful approach to activities and crafts, as it lets you make the most of what a Season has to offer. It also encourages you to keep dipping back into the book and not to “look, bookmark and forget”. For me, “the seasons” are very personal way of approaching crafts – as all my crafty (!) childhood memories have strong links to seasonal activities – Easter Egg decorating at Easter, crafting with chestnuts and acorns in Autumn and of course all the joys that Christmas Crafting brings! And it is something I strive to recreate for MY children. I love that this book doesn’t JUST focus on crafts though, but also on seasonal food and other activities – food too evoke a strong sense special memories!

Really a wonderful book FULL of inspirations. Today we get to share a craft with you FROM the book – these gorgeous Melted Bead Suncatchers.

Then STAY TUNED and watch the video at the bottom to see how gorgeous and easy it is to make Jean’s Bead Bubble Wands!

melty bead suncatcher craft from the artful parent

Melted-bead suncatchers are surprisingly easy to create yet very durable. Unlike the melted-crayon suncatchers, these suncatchers will withstand the elements for extended outdoor use.


  • Translucent plastic pony beads
  • Old metal baking dishes such as muffin tins and cake pans
  • Grill or toaster oven
  • Power drill or metal grommets (see note below)
  • String

Note: If you don’t have a power drill, include a metal grommet among the beads before melting them. The plastic beads will melt around the grommet, leaving the grommet hole open. 


melty bead suncatcher artful parent
  1. Arrange the pony beads in a single layer in old metal baking dishes. You can also use old metal cookie cutters on a metal dish to create specific shapes.
melty bead suncatcher artful parent 2.jpg

2. Place the baking dishes on a hot grill for 5–15 minutes or until the beads are melted (start checking after 5 minutes). This is best done outdoors because of the plastic fumes; if you don’t have a grill, consider using a toaster oven outside.

3. Let the melted beads cool completely, then pop the suncatchers out of the pans.

4. Drill a small hole in each suncatcher, tie some string through the hole, and use the loop to hang up your new suncatcher. You can create individual suncatchers or try connecting several together.

Don’t Forget: If you don’t have a power drill, include a metal grommet among the beads before melting them. The plastic beads will melt around the grommet, leaving the grommet hole open.

Awww these are SO PRETTY! Thank you to the wonderful Jean for letting us share this craft AND for letting me review a copy of her book!! I couldn’t resist doing a little video & craft out of the book for you too – check these out!

How to Make a Bead Bubble Wand

These bead bubble wands are oh so pretty. They work perfectly with our DIY Bubble Recipe (really simple and endorsed by the London Science Museum no less!!). These wands would make for a great party activity and party gift idea!

Bead Bubble Wand Craft

Beaded Bubble Wands Video

bubble recipe 2

And make some of your own Bubble Recipe! (click for instructions & tips)


From The Artful Year by Jean Van’t Hul,  © 2015 by Jean Van’t Hul. Reprinted by arrangement with Roost Books, an imprint of Shambhala Publications, Inc. Boston, MA.