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The platinum Jubilee is heading our way and we are getting Jubilee Street Party ready! And what better way to decorate than with some Union Jack Bunting? As always, we love to help you along the way, so after creating this bunting template for ourselves, I have loaded this free Union Jack Bunting Printable up for you to grab as well! Enjoy!

Union Jack Bunting

Queen Elizabeth is first British monarch to celebrate 70 years on the grown! So the platinum Jubilee really is very special! Across the UK many communities will be holding picnics, parties adn street parties or a street meet to celebrate. We last had a street party for the Meghan and Harry and the couple’s wedding.. and we are so ready for renewed celebrations!

When is the Platinum Jubilee?

Queen Elizabeth II accended the throne on the 6th February 1952. So the 6th February marks her 70 year rain. It is being celebrated with an extended Bank Holiday Weekend in June – starting on Thursday 2nd June and ending on Sunday 5th June 2022. The platinum Jubilee is designed to celebrate the 70 years of service!

Organising a street party is easy

Street parties are easy to organise, you simply have to get an application form from your local council website, make some necessary road closures (we simply asked our neighbours to move their cars and put big black bins or if you have them traffic cones as “blockades” at the end of the street). We did have to ask for a small fee from neighbours too, to pay for some insurance, but it really wasn’t very much! All residents are invited to join in! June 3rd and June 4th are popular street party dates as they fall in the middle of the bank holiday weekend – making it a better time to celebrate, as you have plenty of time to set up, but also tidy up!

Supplies needed to make a Paper Union Jack Bunting:

  • Your free printable – two versions available – one as a colouring page and the other in full colour
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or stapler
  • String or long ribbon
  • Pens/ crayons/ paints etc if colouring your own Union Jack Flags

As mentioned previously, I decided to go for a “mid size” bunting template – so you can print two Union Jack flags per page. This is allows for your paper and printer ink to “go further” and the size is a good size for decorating your home, as well as the street. I would use this royal flag bunting the following ways:

  • On a mantle piece of above a fire place
  • To decorate a front door or porch
  • To decorate a garden gate at a street party
  • To decorate a front garden wall for a street party
  • This would also make great Union Jack Bunting for the classroom!
Union Jack decoration

How to make a Union Jack Bunting with this free template

printable union jack for the jubilee

Making these Union Jack Flag garlands really is very easy!

Grab your supplies.

Print out either the full colour flags or the colour your own union jack printables. As many as you need. I think between 8 – 10 flags is nice for a porch or mantel piece. So you will need 4-5 sheets of A4 paper.

Cut out your flags (keep the “fold over string” attached – don’t cut that off).

Fold around your string or ribbon.

Staple or glue in place.


Now you are all ready to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with us! Her majesty will be proud 🙂

Hope you have a fantastic Platinum Jubilee Party. With plenty of sausage rolls and some yummy and fruity victoria sponges. I can’t wait! Hooray!

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