Coffee Filter Butterfly Crafts for Preschoolers

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Butterfly Crafts are a wonderful craft for this time of year – they are wonderful for waiting for Spring to arrive and they are fun to make right through the Summer. We finally had a go at some classic “Coffee Filter Butterflies” – great fun exploring colour theory whilst colouring our coffee filters and then once dry turning them into these ADORABLE little butterflies. Pip Squeak now has a set on her bedroom wall (we stuck them on with masking tape) and they look so so soooo jolly and lovely. We do LOVE butterfly crafts! A great Spring Craft for Preschoolers.

Coffee Filter Butterflies - so sweet

Note: these coffee filter butterflies were first shared in March 2015, the post has been updated and reshared for your convenience!

Coffee Filter Butterflies – Materials:

  • Coffee Filters (these are the “US Type”, you can get some in the UK here (affiliate link))
  • Water colours or food colouring
  • Pipette (you can get them cheaply here (UK) and here (US) (affiliate links))
  • Googly eyes
  • String
  • Craft Sticks – though DO WATCH THE VIDEO, as I show you how to make pipecleaner butterflies and clothes peg butterflies in it too! Make them according to what you have at home!)

Coffee Filter Butterflies – How To:

1) Begin by exploring colours……. we popped blue, red and yellow food dye in with some water in 3 different glasses. Then using the pipette, drip dropped the colours onto the coffee filters and watched them turn into greens and oranges and purples. The kids could do this for HOURS. We hung each filter up to dry once the kids were done. (watch the video for more info!)

Coffee Filter Craft for preschoolers and kids

2) Once dry… we cute the coffee filters in half.

3) Switched the two halves around – so the circle sides meet. This will give them more of a “butterfly wing shape”.

4) Now scrunch them up in the middle and prepare your craft stick with glue. You CAN use a clothes peg or pipecleaner at this stage (watch the video below to see how they all look).

Butterfly crafts for toddlers

5) Place the craft stick on top of your wings.

6) Add a bit of glue to the craft stick and add some googly eyes.

7) Finally, a little string under your craft stick to make little antennae of your coffee filter butterfly.

Coffee Filter Butterflies

And your coffee filter butterfly is finished! Isn’t it cheerful?

Watch the Coffee Filter Butterfly Video

Making these paper towel butterflies is a wonderful Spring Craft for preschoolers and toddlers. So sweet!

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