Valentine’s Cards: Squishy Hearts


Celebrating 31 Days of Love this January – because you can say I love You at any time of year and don’t have to “wait” for Valentine’s Day to make Valentine’s Cards or Valentine’s Gifts. We have a fabulous 62 bloggers sharing their love crafts this January. A great for you to explore and discover new blogs this New Year. Today we have Krissy of B-Inspired Mama. Kirssy shows us how to make a DIY Squishy Card for Valentines day. I know my kids will go potty over these. Lots more great Valentines Card for Kids for you to browse here on Red Ted Art!

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Hi, I’m Krissy of B-Inspired Mama.  I’m so excited to be here at Red Ted Art sharing in the 31 Days of Love.  Don’t we all just need a little more love?!  I know I’m always looking for more ways to be a better mama and show my kiddos a little more love.  So I thought I’d make them a special “Squishy Heart” Kids Valentine Card with love, from Mama.  Check it out…

A Squishy Heart Kids Valentine Card - B-Inspired Mama at Red Ted Art

How to Make a “Squishy Heart” Kids Valentine Card


  • card stock

  • heart template cut out of scrap paper or card stock

  • pencil

  • craft knife or scissors

  • plastic sandwich bag

  • hair gel

  • glitter

  • heart buttons

  • duck tape

  • metallic pen or marker

Supplies for A Squishy Kids Valentine Card - B-Inpsired Mama at Red Ted Art

Valentine’s Card Steps:

Using the cutout heart template, trace a heart in the center of your cardstock card.  (It can be any size you’d like, but we used a piece of 4” x 6” purple cardstock.)  Use a craft knife or sharp scissors to cut the heart out of the center of the card.

Making a Squishy Kids Valentine Card - B-Inspired Mama at Red Ted Art

Add a generous squirt of hair gel (we used about ¼ cup), a few shakes of glitter, and the buttons to the inside of the plastic bag.  Try to keep it all in one corner of the bag while you squeeze out the excess air and seal the bag.  Fold the empty edges of the bag in on itself and tape with duck tape to make a square or rectangle a bit smaller than your heart cutout card.  Make sure when doing so that you only have duck tape on one side of the “squishy” bag.

Taping up the Squishy Kids Valentine Card - B-Inspired Mama at Red Ted Art

Position the “squishy” bag rectangle tape side UP onto your heart cutout card and use duck tape to secure to the edges of the card.  You can fold the duck tape neatly around the edges of the card if you need to; I didn’t need to.  Flip the entire thing over and check out your “squishy” heart!

You Make My Heart Squishy Kids Valentine Card - B-Inspired Mama at Red Ted Art

Use your metallic pen or marker to add a border, hearts, and a sweet sentiment to your little one!

This “Squishy” Heart Card was inspired by this Squishy Heart Sensory Valentine Activity shared last year by Gift of Curiosity.  I just adapted her clever sensory activity into a little sensory Valentine card.

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Can’t wait to see more kids Valentine card and craft ideas over the rest of the 31 Days of Love!

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