Valentine’s Craft: Love Mug

Yes, it is time for another lovely Heart Craft! This Love Mug DIY is a great gift all year round, but is especially lovely as a Valentine’s Day gift idea or Mother’s Day Gift!

Valentines Gif - heart mugs

31 Days of Love

Today we have the lovely Kate from Crafts on Sea sharing a craft “from her to him” – a gorgeous cup she has decorated for the 31 Days of Love  series. Check out the rest of the series with these Valentine’s Cards and Valentines Gifts that Kids can Make, as well as Valentines Treats! The only problem will be which to do first!

As the parent of a small baby I spend a lot of time on Pinterest late at night. A lot of time. And one of the things I kept seeing was posts about how people had tried to draw personalised mugs with Sharpie pens that they’d seen pinned and it hadn’t worked. Here’s why it doesn’t work, Sharpie pens are just normal pens so they won’t permanently stay on anything. And if you’ve got a toddler too you’ll know that non-permanent pens are a very good thing! So to personalise your mug for your valentine you need a specialist ceramic pen like this one from Pebeo a bit pricey, but it works. Phew!

Plain Mug

I started with a plain white mug and cut the outline of a heart onto some paper, then stuck the paper onto the mug using some tape. Mugs are surprisingly hard to draw on due to the curved surface so keep your design simple!

As the mug is for my husband I wanted a message that wasn’t too cutesy, ‘You are fab’ seemed about right to me. Then I filled in the rest of the heart shape with circles, doing th ones nearest the outline first.

This pen will smudge, do be very careful. If you do mess it up, you can wipe away any mistakes with a babywipe but the surface won’t take ink properly again.

As it’s for my husband, not someone I’m on a first date with, I’m happy with my level of drawing and handwriting, because it shows its from me not a machine.

child mug side

I also got my three year old to decorate a mug for his dad. Who could resist a gift like this?! And in case you were wondering, apparently it’s a picture of Batman, but you knew that, right?

To keep your drawings dishwasher safe all you need to do is leave your mug for 72 hours then pop it in the oven for 35 minutes at 150c. And then get the kettle ready for a lovely cup of tea in your new loved up mug!

Kate Williams CraftsonSeaKate Williams is an accidental stay at home mum and blogger at Crafts on Sea where she shares recipes, craft tutorials and the stuff that rumbles round her head late at night. She likes quick crafts that can be done while her kids hopefully have a nap, and has a preference for things that involve a hammer or some spray paint.



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