Valentine’s Crafts – Yarn Wrapped Hearts

The 31 Days of Love series here on Red Ted Art continues. The series celebrates the fantastic blogging community that I am in – bringing you 40 wonderful Love (or Valentines Day Crafts and activities over the coming weeks. We have all sorts for your from Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Decorating ideas, Valentine’s Day Treats  or Valentine’s Day Gifts for you check out and enjoy!

Today, we have colourful Yarn Wrapped Hearts from Stacy at Things to Share and Remember ! Check out the full 31 Days of Love series here!

Yarn Wrapped Heart Ornaments. Adorable heart decorations for preschoolers. Fine motor skills development #hearts #decorations #yarnValentines Day CraftsI’m Stacy from Share & Remember. I love to share creative things of all kinds on my blog Things to Share and Remember including activities from my in-home child care & preschool, gardening and recipes, home decorating and crafts. I have 4 amazing guys in my life – my husband, my 12 year old son and two handsome Ragdoll cats, Stormy and Winterton.


Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Materials Needed:

  • Wire/metal coat hanger
  • Wire cutters/pliers
  • Yarn

Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Directions:

valentines crafts - yarn wrapped hearts (3)

  1. Cut a length of wire.
  2. Bend into shape of a heart.
  3. Twist ends together.
  4. Tie on a piece of yarn.
  5. Wrap yarn around the heart shape.
  6. Continue to wrap as desired until length of yarn is used up.
  7. Tie end.
  8. Repeat until heart is wrapped as desired.

valentines crafts - yarn wrapped hearts (1)

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