Valentine’s Day Gift: Coffee Cup Cozy

mug hug for him231 Days of Love

The lovely Aly from  PLUS 2.4 is here to day to share a great Valentines Gifts with us, for the 31 Days of Love series. Check out previous posts, such as Valentine’s Cards  and Valentines Treats, as well as all the lovely Valentine’s Decorations shared!

Aly is a single mum of 3 kids who blogs over at PLUS 2.4.She loves to make the occasional craft especially using felt.This mug hug for him is a very quick and inexpensive make.

Coffee Cup Cozy Materials:

  •  2 x rectangles of tartan felt which should measure 7cm x 23cm
  • A washable ink pen
  • A heart cooker cutter or template
  • 1 x red felt
  • Sewing thread in red
  • A sewing needle
  • A large button
  • 20cm length of ribbon

 How to Make a Coffee Cup Cozy

mug hug for him1

1.Using a heart template or a heart shaped cookie cutter, using the washable ink pen draw around the heart onto the red felt.Cut out the felt heart.

2. Sew neatly the felt heart on the onto the front of one of the tartan rectangles.

3. Sew a large button onto the end of the rectangle.

4. Sew one end of the ribbon onto the back of rectangle.

5. Pin the two rectangles together, making sure the second rectangle has the tartan facing outwards.Neatly sew both halves together.

Now your heart mug hug is ready to use.