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 The 31 Days of Love series is slowly coming to an end.. boo hoo.. but before it does, we still have some wonderful Valentine’s Decorations for you to go with all your Valentine’s CardsValentines Gifts  and Valentines Treats! Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures shares this adorable heart mobile!

Recycled LOVE Mobile. Recycled old magazines into this lovely Valentine's Day Decoration for kids to make! #recycling #upcycling #valentine #valentines #valentinesday #preschoolers

Hi, Red Ted Art Readers. I am Dayna from Lemon Lime Adventures and I am more than excited to be sharing with you today. We are huge Red Ted Art fans! In fact when I told my son that our project was going to featured here, he said “Woah, Mom, you mean the Salt Dough Lady?” “Yes, son. The salt dough lady… and so much more!”

We are so excited to share our latest recycled project with you. Back in November we made a challenge for ourselves to celebrate Thanksgiving every month by creating a simple decoration and making a list of what we are thankful for. What better month to do that than February. This month we had a blast making a Recycled Mobile using all recycled materials (even the construction paper)!

How to Make a Recycled Heart Mobile


* Pre-cut Hearts Made from Recycled Construction Paper
* Cardboard Circle from a Pie or Pizza Box ( We Made a Mod Podge Collage on ours)
* 8 Pre-Beaded Strings Cut to desired length(tie one pony-bead to the end of each string)
* 8 extra Pony Beads
* 4 Extra Stings cut about 1 ft. in length




The first thing I did was set up a station that was ready and inviting for my children (ages 8 and 6). I set out our pre-cut hearts that they sorted already by color, a work tray, a cardboard circle with holes poked at every 1/8 of the circle (about 2-3 cm from the edge) and 8 strings with a bead tied to the ends for easy management.

I thread the string for my children ( I would suggest using a dull needle to avoid any pokes) and thread the string through the cardboard circle from the back to the front. This puts the bead on the top side of the mobile and allows the string to stay in place for little fingers.


After teaching them how to thread the hearts onto the string from top to bottom, they were on a roll. {It did take some practice, as you can see from the picture where my son had it backwards until we came up with a little song. } “In through the top… Out through the bottom” we chanted. They chose to string 3 hearts per string and alternate colors. You can let your creativity go wild here.

Recycled LOVE Mobile. Recycled old magazines into this lovely Valentine's Day Decoration for kids to make! #recycling #upcycling #valentine #valentines #valentinesday #preschoolers

After the boys had strung to their hearts content, I finished it off by tying a bead at the bottom of each string. In order to make the mobile hang, I used the four long strings and tied them each to the cardboard circle in equal distances around the circle. Holding all 4 strings, I tied all of the strings together to create the finishing loop to hang the mobile.

Recycled LOVE Mobile. Recycled old magazines into this lovely Valentine's Day Decoration for kids to make! #recycling #upcycling #valentine #valentines #valentinesday #preschoolers

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Dayna-Abraham-Lemon-Lime-Adventures-150x150Dayna is a National Board Certified teacher with over 12 years of experience in the primary classroom. She recently began homeschooling her 3 children against her will. She writes at Lemon Lime Adventures, where she writes about the trials and errors of their life, life living as a blended family, and dealing with a son with Sensory Processing Disorder. You can find Dayna rockin’ it over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and G+!