Paper Plate Heart Wreath for Valentine’s Day

We love Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers, especially those that make super cute Valentine’s Decorations, use simple supplies and a great for fine motor skills and little hands! Today, we have a wonderful guest post sharing how to make a Paper Plate Heart Wreath for Valentines Day!

Heart collage wreath

The best thing about this easy Valentines Decoration, is that it can be easily customised – switch up the colours to match your child’s favourite colours. Or add embellishments with stickers, eco friendly glitter, pom poms and what ever else you have to hand! You can even have a go at our easy “perfect bows” (made with two fingers) and add that as dangling bow to your wreath!

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Isn’t it wonderful? Another great way to practice fine motor skills and also introduce your preschooler to sew with needle and yarn!

Paper Plate Heart Wreath Guest Post

Today Adele from Playful Learners  with this sweet Valentine’s Day Wreath for us, as the  31 Days of Love series continues – isn’t it an adorable Valentine’s Day Decorations? Check out previous posts, such as Valentine’s Cards , Valentines Gifts that Kids can Make and Valentines Treats!

Hello, I’m Adele from Playful Learners and I have a lovely Valentine’s Day Craft to share with you today. I am a Childminder based in the UK with 3 beautiful children of my own. I blog to share the play ideas I have gathered over 13 years of working as an Early Years Educator. I have a passion for crafts which my 8 year old daughter shares so we were very excited to be able to share an idea on the Red Ted Art’s 31 days of love series. Though this is a great craft for toddlers and preschoolers, I think kids of all ages can enjoy it too! Making paper plate wreaths is easy and fun!

After discussing the type of decorations we could make this year to decorate the home my daughter thought it would be nice to make a wreath. She said it would be a nice way to show people love as they came into our home.  So we took the idea of making a hand print wreath from our Christmas decorations and changed it a little to suit Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Heart Wreath – Supplies you will need:

No need for expensive purchases.. grab a bunch of paper plates and then work with what you have in your craft box or recycling box!

  • Paper plate
  • Glue and glue stick (we mixed a little red paint into our glue to help cover the white of the paper plates)
  • Hearts cut from a variety of craft materials – it is a great opportunity to use up odds and ends from your craft box, but you can also look into recycling Christmas Cards, wrapping paper and magazines
  • Optional Embellishments such as stickers, eco friendly glitter, buttons, pom poms etc
Valentines Heart collage wreath
Kids will love putting this Paper Plate Wreath together for Valentines

How to make a Paper Plate Heart Wreath

This Valentines activity itself is easy for little ones to do. It is a great opportunity for little hands to get stuck in and help develope those fine motor skills.

Cut out the centre or the paper plate

Depending on the age of your children you may wish to cut out the middle of the paper plate yourself or allow them to have a go it they are working on the scissor skills.

Cut your paper heart shapes

Now it is time for a heart shape or two! If it is easier you may want to make yourself a heart template or two first (or print some off from “google”. Then trace with a pencil before grabbing your scissors, take your paper and/ or recycled materials and cut out as many paper heart shapes as you can! It is nice to have a variety of sizes, but there is no strict rule as to how many you will need! Older kids can help with this.

Glue the paper hearts to your wreath

Once the centre has been removed your children can get to work gluing on the hearts you created out of craft paper and card.

I think the less control you have over this part of the process the better. Let the kids go crazy and have fun with the craft glue and paper hearts. My four year old had great fun layering the paper on top giving the wreath a beautiful full affect making this a wonderful Valentine crafts idea for preschoolers.

DIY heart wreath

Once the paper plate has been covered, add on the collaging materials to adorn the wreath and once dry, your beautiful wreath is ready for hanging. Simply staple or tape a ribbon to the back of the paper plate to hang it up.

I hope you enjoyed this cute little Paper Plate wreath. And that you will give this fun activity a go. We really do heart crafty things, and hope you do too.

Happy Crafting!

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