Valentine’s Gift: Chocolate Spoons

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31 Days of Love

Welcome back to 31 Days of Love – a series of “lovely” crafts, bakes and activities to do with kids this Valentine’s Day. Today, we have another Valentines Gifts that Kids can Make post, from Cerys at Rainy Day Mum – These Chocolate Spoons make great Valentines Treat too!

I can’t thank Maggy enough for welcoming us I’m Cerys from Rainy Day Mum a mum from the UK. Over on Rainy Day Mum I share crafts, activities and play ideas for children 5 and under. Today I’m sharing some quick and easy chocolate spoons that you can make with children to give as gifts whether or Valentines or any other time of the year.


Materials Needed for Chocolate Spoons

  • Tea spoons either plastic or metal
  • Chocolate for cooking (chips or block both work well) – I used a white, milk and then some pink cocoa melts
  • Sprinkles of your choice – we had silver and pink balls and some mini hearts so used those.

How to make Chocolate Spoons – Valentine’s Gift for Kids


Following instructions on the packet melt your chocolate so that it flows easily – I prefer using a microwave as the children can help easier and it adds in extra numeracy activities of number recognition and addition with the timer, however using the traditional bowl over boiling water to melt the chocolate is just as effective.

Chocolate Spoons How To - balancing-spoons

Position the teaspoons so that the cup of the spoon is as flat as possible – Putting a wooden spoon across the plate and then resting the handles of the teaspoons onto the spoon handle I have found raises them up and allows you and your child to easily fill the spoon cups.


With the chocolate fully melted set up your child to pour the chocolate into the teaspoons – we did 4 as gifts with 2 milk chocolate and 2 white chocolate.


Before the chocolate sets sprinkle with your chosen sprinkles.

An alternative is to use a cocoa melt like our pink strawberry flavoured buttons and decorate with this. Onto one of the spoons wait until the chocolate has cooled and then drizzle the melted flavoured buttons over the top.


To gift place in a cup with a nice bow, add some marshmallows and hot chocolate mix and you have a simple and easy to make kids gifts.

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